…is very few and much much fewer than in, say, England

From the Herald today:

As many as 2,133 Scots may have contracted Covid-19 while in hospital over the course of the pandemic this year, figures show.

Ooooh! Is that a lot? Is it more than in, say, England?

I’m sorry the Herald’s award-winning investigative team didn’t think you’d be interested in that.

So, from Talking-up Scotland‘s work-experience student, Monica (16), after 30 minutes research:

  1. There have been 129 992 cases of Covid so far in Scotland. 2 133 is 1.64%.
  2. The rate of hospital-acquired Covid infections in England ranges from 17.6% to 25%, 10 to 15 times higher.

Source: https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/the-ongoing-problem-of-hospital-acquired-infections-across-the-uk/

4 thoughts on “…is very few and much much fewer than in, say, England

  1. A virus infects. Who knew?
    And patients with a virus can infect before symptoms exhibit? Again, who knew?
    Obviously NOT the “Scottish” mejah!

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  2. Like

    1. I read that thread earlier too sam, and although initially troubling it became clear they were searching for mechanisms to explain the rapid rise in dominance, but what I found intriguing was this
      “While the variant is still at low levels across many parts of England, the trajectory in some regions (Oxford & Birmingham) suggest rapid recent increases in frequency – which means it will likely follow the same trajectory as other areas unless we act now”
      Now compare that with ONS estimates of 38% of cases in Scotland were due to this new variant a week ago (which made no sense whatever), and it appears the message is not for us but for SE England where they’ve bluntly lost control, we are simply caught up in the propaganda to reverse a London led cockup.
      What I took from Deepti’s post was that halting the spread of Covid in and from high prevalence areas is the greater imperative, NOT the dominance of this variant in those affected areas, viz – it MAY be more infectious but can be stopped.
      FYI, there was another article in the Irish Indy worth a squint from an ex-Britannia perspective https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/health/covid-19-nine-more-cases-of-uk-variant-detected-but-new-strain-responsible-for-less-than-10pc-of-concerning-increase-cillian-de-gascun-39923556.html
      Despite their initial terror of this “new UK strain” taking over, they’re finding it less the grim reaper than headlined by the UK,.
      I suspect the SG approach is working and will continue to work, our greatest risk is now importation and #10 rewriting protocols for vaccination.


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