The Scottish Connection: Better government communication, greater confidence, greater compliance, fewer infections and deaths?

As Andrew Marr insists, that’s what the data tell us.

4 thoughts on “The Scottish Connection: Better government communication, greater confidence, greater compliance, fewer infections and deaths?

  1. As ever the devil’s in the detail – Were “New deaths attributed to Covid-19” methods the same, you would expect a strong correlation with excess deaths, that is patently not the case even within the UK.

    No doubt Scotland’s strategy is producing better albeit not dramatically different results, for reasons your headline lists, the only missing word is “trust”…
    Scotland remains under permanent threat by what London decides, if new more infective strains have been cultured in the lunacy of England’s “strategy”, the dynamics could change dramatically, and where do you suppose the finger of blame will point ?

    Marr’s attempted smear of the Scots’ condition went down like a lead balloon north and south, the BBC’s dismissive response to complaints satisfying only the most gullible, the public aren’t daft.
    BBC and Marr playing political games when folks are worried over loved ones damages only their own credibility, a facet PQ and many politicians consistently fail to realise, without trust you’re talking to the void.


  2. Thought this one on the BBC UK website was a cracker9 ( on headline article about London school and ‘nationwide’ closures
    Some 53,285 new Covid cases and a further 613 deaths were reported by the UK government on Friday. This does not include data from Northern Ireland or Wales, or the number of deaths from Scotland – as these are not being published on certain days during the Christmas and New Year period.

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  3. Good info John.

    Regrettably the Beeb lies by distortion, lies and omission. I sometimes think it is also because the person or team putting a story together are dense at understanding data and not upto date with events.


  4. OBVIOUSLY—- as Hi Jack and his team of highly paid hucksters, liars and newspaper Brit nat columnists write in Boris-speak—

    Scottish Grievance they say,
    keeps the virus at bay!

    And “the SNP are doing it DELIBERATELY”!
    Lard Baron Giorgio Ffoulksakia of Cumnoccio!


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