Covid cases ‘soar’ by minus 83?

NICOLA Sturgeon has issued a stark warning that “the next few weeks may be the most dangerous we’ve faced” since the start of the pandemic. The call for caution from the First Minister comes as Scotland recorded 2,539 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24-hour period – while 2,622 new cases were confirmed on Hogmanay.

So that’s 2 622 minus 2 539 giving us a fall in the last 24 hours of 83.

I’m not doubting the threat or the importance of the need to stick to the plan but panic helps no one.

Cases numbers are climbing, they’re not ‘soaring’ or ‘surging’. There’s no sign of a ‘tsunami.’

The infection level in England is three times higher, death rate is twice as high, hospital admissions are twice as high, ICU admission is three times more common, hospital-acquired Covid is up to twelve times higher and staff absence is at least four times higher.

The R number is up but still around 0.9 to 1.1. In London and the South it could be 1.5.

Perhaps most important, there are only 70 in ICU, up from 52 a week ago, only just over one-third of the peak of 208 in April.

The capacity of Scotland’s ICU is currently around 700.

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2 thoughts on “Covid cases ‘soar’ by minus 83?

  1. #AndyMarr has stats which PROVE that divided by 16, times 3 squared to the nearest decibel root, then add 32, if the moon is just right, that Scotland (he means YOU) is the exact opposite, diametrically to whatever number you started with. So there!
    Hon Sarah agrees, as does Glen and the ONS (ERG branch).

    Seconded by the Hi Jack info-lies Bunker team in Embra’ (near to where the North Channel tunnel will start digging in 2099—it has to go DEEP to avoid the radioactive bombs, biologicals, chemicals and the unmentionables we aren’t allowed to mention).

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