I know percentages are hard but subtraction?

But, but, they fell by ‘nearly’ a hundred:


And the level is way below that in England:

Wow! Isn’t that interesting.

Makes to you want to investigate, doesn’t it? No?

You’re washing your hair tonight?

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3 thoughts on “I know percentages are hard but subtraction?”

  1. The Andy Marr Theorum:- it ALWAYS rains in Scotland.
    Bad stuff happens. It gets dark, earlier.
    If Ingerlund is in trouble, Scotland MUST be worse.
    Down means up, and popularity means grievance.

    And laughs?
    SNP leader to hand himself in to “citizens arrest” says Sheriff Micky Gove —- hahahaha.—isn’t that the funniest thing?
    GCHQ is watching you–on behalf of Boris and the Beafeaters.

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