Better things?

234 more views! After six months of falling readership, an increase, if tiny.

The number of visitors is, however, down again by around 4 000.

The ‘big’ reads:

The global presence:

Still surprisingly big in Romania?

7 thoughts on “Better things?

  1. John I subscribe to your emails. If I don’t visit your blog, are you possibly losing out on views?
    I tend to read your posts in the emails and only visit the site on certain topics, time permitting etc.
    Keep up the good work, we appreciate all you do.

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  2. I visit the blog almost every day via a VPN, the location of which I change every day, so don’t appear in the stats to be from the UK. I wonder how many of your readers do the same? Quite a few, I would surmise, but Romania?

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