Scotland already vaccinating more

Walking on Ayr beach yesterday with the dog met a familiar London ex-pat who is a bit older than me and has underlying conditions. Asked if he’d had word of a vaccination appointment. Predictably:

Nah, they’re well behind up here.’

I let it go.

Ee’s not warf it.’

You see the data above say otherwise. After three weeks, we’re 21% ahead of NHS England.

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  2. Where do you stand on the issue of delaying the second jab? Pfizer has put out a strong statement against it yet the 4 Chief MOs are all for the delay.

    I think it is the most unethical thing that will in all probability make the situation worse.


      1. As I said – unethical.
        They licensed the vaccine on the evidence presented. That evidence came from clinical trials in which the vaccine was administered 3 weeks apart. No trials tested what they are now proposing. Furthermore Pfizer said in their statement that the efficacy of the vaccine was 52% effective after one dose and, importantly, they did not know if that efficacy lasted beyond 21 days because it had not been tested.

        Therefore people will be vaccinated and given a false sense of security just so that politicians, Boris & co, can boast about numbers vaccinated.

        There is also the risk that the virus under these partial immunisation conditions mutates into an even more virulent strain. That is similar to not completing a course of antibiotics thus selecting for antibiotic resistance.

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    1. The millions of vaccine doses we were told about don’t seem to exist– or the phials, needles etc.
      This is a worry. The authorities are hoping one jag will give some immunity–enough to prevent the worst effects of the virus.

      Is there something they know, we aren’t being told?
      We know viruses mutate. ‘Flu needs a new vaccine every year and is only about 40-60% effective. The Covid vaccine producers are certain their vaccines will have good efficacy. I hope they are correct.

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      1. I think that what was meant by statements like ‘the UK (or other country) has purchased 60 million (or other number) doses.’ was that these would be delivered as they came off the production lines. With some vaccines, such as the Pfizer one, the temperature of storage presents logistical issues. As other vaccines, such as Astra Zeneca are approved, then there will be more doses available. However, there is also the matter of the number of people competent to carry out the injections.

        As usual, I think that the media have caused some of the problems with their selective use of information and their attraction for ‘horror’ stories, often based on unsupported anecdote. In addition, Johnson, Hancock and fellow cabinet members have been guilty throughout this of exaggeration, and plain lies, and so people lack trust in them.

        There are journals which do provide pretty reliable information and these are often drawn to our attention by people posting on sites like this.

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  3. The Happy Land of Boris Brexit.

    Want a jag, Scots get it quick,
    It helps to keep them better.
    Want a jab? You must be sick.
    If so, youll get it later.

    Down south you find they’re short of beds,
    Englands NHS sold-off for private gain.
    Hospitals are now in “condition red”.
    Families suffering grief and pain.


  4. ‘In terms of protecting priority groups, a model where we can vaccinate twice the number of people in the next 2 to 3 months is obviously much more preferable in public health terms than one where we vaccinate half the number but with only slightly greater protection.’


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