Scotland still failing to keep up? Come on all you chicken profs!

With an infection rate today only one-quarter of that in England and only one-fifth of that in Northern Ireland, only one ‘leading academic’ (me) seems willing to suggest that ‘We are doing better. It’s not just the communication.’

Wait’, I hear Sarah say, ‘that’s just one day. You need at least the 7 day average.’

Oh, OK:

Ah, the infection level in England is not even three times as high. That’s not highly significant, is it?’

Oh yes it is. Massively so. Something very different is happening in Scotland. Here’s my guess:

Better communication has resulted in greater confidence in government. That has resulted in greater compliance and greater compliance has resulted in much lower infection levels.

Wait, I hear Andrew say, you didn’t do so well earlier did you?

Oh yes we did:

The infection level per 1 million population over the whole pandemic in England is 60% higher, in Wales it’s more than 100% (twice) higher and in Northern Ireland, it’s also 60% higher.

Significant? You bet it is? Who gets the credit? Where does the buck stop in a devolved health service?

Come on all you professors of public health or virology. Show some guts.

10 thoughts on “Scotland still failing to keep up? Come on all you chicken profs!

  1. John
    And let us add to it Internationally
    Deaths / million of population
    England 6th worst
    Scotland 27th
    And for infections
    England 32nd
    Scotland 60 th
    Along with your figs.
    This very vividly and clearly demonstrates the
    Vast divergence between the devolved SHNS
    And the fragmented dis jointed EHNS trusts
    This is basic elementary arithmetic
    Which in turns lets you understand why all MSM never show Scottish and English data together
    But Andrew Marr deserves a knock out blow
    If he ever confronts a SNP MP or MSP in the future
    Hold his nose till his mouth opens then ram the truth down his throat

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  2. Thank you for your tireless work providing us with these statistics. It’s beyond disgraceful that the MSM fail to do so. And to think we laugh at N Korean propaganda…

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    1. Geordie
      And to think N.Korea probably laughs at our propaganda
      Along with studying it and picking what it considers to be the best bits and improve and deploy for their own ends


  3. “Covid cases in Wigtownshire have more than doubled in the last two days.

    The number of confirmed cases in the town grew from 64 to 142 between Boxing Day and Monday.

    The cluster has been linked to the new B.1.1.7 variant of the virus and an outbreak in Stranraer represents the single biggest increase seen in one area of Dumfries and Galloway since the start of the global pandemic.

    Meanwhile, there is also concern around a growing number of cases in lower Annandale where the new variant has also been identified.

    Additional testing is now being put in place daily over the next week in Stranraer, from December 29 to January 4.

    Meanwhile, an appeal is being issued for people not just follow all the new Level 4 restrictions, but where possible to go beyond them – by trying to stay at home as much as possible and help limit the spread, both locally and potentially to other parts of the region.

    Interim Director of Public Health Valerie White said: “We said just two days ago that we suspected there could be many cases of COVID in Wigtownshire as yet unidentified, and we’d like to thank everyone experiencing symptoms who has self-isolated and come forward to be tested.”


  4. I’ve always felt deeply uncomfortable comparing infection and death rates for this dreadful pandemic, but @premieroneuk makes the same point I was going to – it’s in direct response to the litany of lies plied by the media, in particular by HMS Sarah Smith, BBC Scotland.

    Their latest fabrication over the Scottish Academy statement perfectly examples this – Their distortions to the statement have no public information value, the way it has been framed destroys the very information intended to be conveyed.
    That’s not news but propaganda for political purposes, against the elected government of Scotland.

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  5. “I’ve always felt deeply uncomfortable comparing infection and death rates for this dreadful pandemic, but … it’s in direct response to the litany of lies plied by the media, ….”

    Me too, but I agree totally with your point of view, Bob. These comparisons are wholly legitimate and necessary given the media’s – including the BBC’s – overall agenda driven, bias-by-omission coverage of what’s happening in Scotland.

    And thanks John for your relentless efforts to expose the evidence from comparative analysis.

    And I’d like to agree wholeheartedly with your final paragraph John: “Come on all you professors of public health or virology. Show some guts.”

    And why do I say this? Because by the wider public in Scotland knowing that our government’s efforts and our own, public compliance are are reaping relative benefits well may well lead to the sustained compliance with the guidance and rules over the coming months that we and NHS Scotland needs.

    And the public across the rUK knowing that Scotland’s collective efforts – by its government and the public – are indeed having a relatively beneficial effect might act as an example for others across the UK to follow, and therefore promote compliance – and in so doing protect the NHS everywhere and save lives.

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      1. Sam
        Bang on the money
        I have personally observed the speed which
        Bacteria can become anti biotic resistant
        Multiply fast and easily become the totally dominant strain
        It is quite frightening to observe and Viruses such as Corona are most adept at mutating and becoming vaccine resistant
        Evolution has designed them to mutate easily
        As they are RNA template viruses and as such
        Cannot read their own genetic code
        One saving grace is that the technology being used in the Pfizer and Oxford vaccines can easily be re engineered to hopefully deal with vaccine mutations, but such takes time
        And that gives a virulent deadly mutant to become very dominant quickly
        All resulting in none other a full lock down globally and 100% International cooperation and compliance
        Those that do not end up as Pariah states
        Never ever under estimate the Life Forces that nature has imbued all forms of life with
        Play games with this and you will most certainly LOSE
        Boris bet you not listening but you soon will have to


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