Desperate to seem the same

As case numbers surge and ambulances queue outside A&E departments in London, case numbers fall in Scotland and there are no media images of ambulances queuing here to be found.

BBC Scotland cannot face the fact of Scotland’s better performance in this pandemic and so give us this:

This meaningless statistic has been chosen out of desperation to remind Scots that we are no different and, crucially, to allow no suggestion that the SNP administration might have done better.

With the current infection rate in England around 3 times higher and the level over the whole pandemic, 60% higher, the conclusion is straightforward, we have done much better, objectively.

As of today, England with ten times the population, has reached 1 999 728. Will the landmark 2 000 000 be celebrated by BBC England tomorrow or will they have more worrying news to report?

10 thoughts on “Desperate to seem the same

  1. An article on the BBC News website today offers a further example of how the BBC seems determined to muddle – or something else – its reporting of Covid statistics. The article in question is under the headline: ‘Covid-19: Concern at ‘unprecedented’ infection level in England’.

    These are the opening three paragraphs:

    Para 1: ‘England’s “very high” Covid infection level is a “growing concern” as the NHS struggles to cope with rising patient numbers, a health official has said.’

    So it’s about England then? Ah, well maybe not!

    Para 2: “On Monday, a record 41,385 Covid cases and 357 deaths were reported in the UK.”

    Were stats for ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’ in England not available to The BBC? Of course they were. So what is their logic in shifting unneccesarily from England stats to UK stats here?

    Para 3: ‘NHS England said the number of people being treated for the virus in hospital is now 20,426, which is higher than the previous peak of about 19,000 in April.’

    So we’re back to England then! Again, what is the logic in this shift back to England stats? England stats, followed by UK stats and then back to England stats – what is the editorial justification for this?

    Candidly, this IS simply illogical. It is confusing and therefore, unhelpful. It is appallingly bad reporting of quantitative evidence if done without thought, without awareness. And if done deliberately – then why?

    One might have hoped that in the period since March 2020 a public service organisation would have developed high quality, clear and consistent editorial and journalistic practices for the reporting of quantitative official statistics at UK and individual nation geographies. It would have sought to avoid such confusion and illogicality.

    It is not journalistic rocket science: the FACT that The BBC has not established such basic editorial standards only opens it up (again) to suspicion over its motives.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more with Stewart B’s
      suspicion about the Beeb’s motives over its incoherent reporting.
      I, however, have stopped wondering and have concluded that it’s mission is to both hide the truth of a failed UK gov (English) response from its English audience by calling it a UK wide critical situation and to scare the Scottish audience with its talk of hospitals near breaking point which casts doubt on the SG reports of a situation largely under control.
      The main question is, who is pulling the editorial strings?

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  2. Just been reading on twitter from actual medics, in London that hosps are running out of oxygen, NHS England staff are dropping like flies with Covid, so far few staff, & NHS staff have not been prioritised for the vaccine. It really sounds incredibly scary and very sad to see this, it’s an absolutely desperate situation. It sounds like they need help, will any EU country help now? Can Scotland do anything? I don’t know, but if it gets worse, it is at catastrophic levels with hospitals full, they closed nighting-gale hospitals due to shortage of staff it seems!! Bloody hell.

    The media are apparently not reporting it, and of course their agenda is political, No one is being told they should resign, no one is being witch hunted for what is happening in south of England.

    English/Scottish media in Scotland have a heck of a lot to answer for as well, how dare they deflect from seriousness of this in England, people need to know what’s going on so they can make informed choices. Sick of the so called media, jobsworths lying,

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    1. ArtHetty
      All this was and is 100 % predictable
      Boris following the science my arse
      You should go and take a lot at what the foreign media are saying about all this and Brexit
      In short one way or another English exceptionalsism is falling into its own pre dug grave and still to throw the Shovel ( Boris ) out
      And basically they will find themselves all alone in the Big Bad World and one of their own creation
      And to add to their woes long covid is going to
      Create massive problems going forward all due to the very high no of infections along with many more new cases to come
      Finally without scaring anyone we all better hope that due to the exceedingly high number of new infections now completely out of control that a new mutation arises that is even more deadly and goes on to rapidly develop vaccine resistance
      Do not ever ever fuck with nature by underestimating its sheer power
      Boris and his useless band of brexiteer band of absolutely MAD cohorts most certainly have
      All their expensive private education is rapidly being rendered absolutely useless
      Shame upon all their houses

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    2. “The media are apparently not reporting it, and of course their agenda is political”
      The media and HMG have much to answer for – the situation in London & SEE according to side channels is desperate, yet the media seem instructed only to headline “stretched 999 services”.

      Heavy information control for England was evident from the beginning of this epidemic, but right now it is working against public health against the backdrop of a test and trace system with more questions than answers.
      They only made matters worse by not getting the public on side over compliance or taking containment seriously, second homes have their lights on, and worst they might expect is a fine. Frankly I’d put them in jail for a month and impound cars if detected in transit, they are playing with others lives over this virus.

      I read one unofficial but informed projection London would not emerge from this chaos until next March, the body count and long-covid issues arising from that would be horrific, yet it’s “only stretched 999 services”.

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      1. BobLamont

        I concur 100 % and remember UK genuinely is Best in World in What they term as Need to Know with regards perilous situations such as War
        2 fine examples
        Falkland war we still do not know the truth of the sinking of the Belgrano
        And all things aside UK forces committed many a atrocity at Goose Green. Big Clue. Army C.O.let slip in a interview that they had no facilities for prisoners

        Iraq war 1 G.Bush learned quickly to copy UK
        With regards News control for Iraq war 2
        All because in Iraq 1 a a carrier pilot returning from a mission attacking the column of Sadam,s forces retreating from Kuwait had a Live Sattelite Tv mike thrust in front of him and posed the question What is it like out there
        Reply Like a god dam turkey shoot get out my way I have to rearm and refuel
        UK do this control as a military ops with a central command control of all media and news NOTHING is allowed out until they deem what can be released and in a form and manner that they decide and more importantly to whom they shall pick to broadcast it when,where, how and who to
        All this is now patently obvious as the situation has induced panic mode as demonstrated by the ABC (BBC ) are the mouth piece and the other channels following very closely behind which in turn filters down to the papers and political discussion TV items
        The narrative and agenda very firmly set and the Sheep bleat away as fully expected
        So expect to see or hear far less of Sirdhar and others of similar ilk until they deem so

        Oh just remembered another fine example
        The BEF in WW2 When being over run with the Nazi Blitzkreig in France
        Blew up over 300 Spitfire and Hurricane fighters which were vitally needed for the Battle of Britain
        Why did they blow them up
        Our World class military logistics system failed miserably as there was NO FUEL to fly them home
        No one knew of this for 50 yrs
        And the same shall be true of many things in this pandemic


    3. Aye @premieroneuk, here’s one addition to Iraq2 – Oil fields on fire, fuel shortages result, oil price explodes, back in the UK fuel prices at the pumps jump and stay high for ages…
      I was sat in the same office as the guy monitoring oil production in Basra, output never varied a drop throughout….. 😉
      The media were told what HMG/US wanted them to know…


  3. Re Hospital admissions. I noticed this article yesterday on the BBC News website. Part of the article covers hospital admissions in various areas eg Scotland, Wales, NI, London etc. It is illustrated by a series of graphs all drawn to the same scale. They are quite an eye opener.

    Here is the link – scroll down to see the graphs of hospital admissions.

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  4. My wife and I and many others have family and close friends who live and work in England and we are concerned about the poor handling of things by the Westminster Government. We want to see England (and everywhere else) bring the pandemic under control asap.

    We want these family and friends to be able to visit us and we to go to visit them. Zoom has been a great help, but personal contact is longed-for.

    However, more people in England are realising the current Westminster Government is more concerned about the short term impact on business and finance and the profits to be made. They want the proles to get back to work asap. Despite the default position of lying by Johnson and the regular changes of policy, Labour has been unable to establish a clear and sustained lead over the Tories in England and personal support for ‘Boris’ (he’s a character, ain’t he? a loveable rogue.) still remains fairly high particularly in ‘former Labour areas’. (The mythical ‘red wall’.) Labour has no answers or alternatives to offer, other than ‘we will support the government, but we will do things better, if we gain power.

    Sadly, what the epidemic appears to have let loose is new strains of a xenophobic English nationalism, which mutates back and forth into an equally xenophobic British nationalism. The media and the BBC in particular are principal vectors of these virulent strains.


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