It IS under control

After hearing of the statistical fact that Covid-related hospital attendance in England has reached the peak of the first wave and that staff are once more in the ‘eye of the storm‘, we hear also:

In Scotland, doctors say there is a danger that services will be overwhelmed.’

The ‘doctors‘ turn out to be the trade union leader of the BMA in Scotland. There’s a good reason why BBC UK have not felt able to refer to any statistical facts for Scotland.

Here are the facts for NHS England after years of Conservative government.

In Wales, stewarded by Labour for the same period, it’s even worse.

Why is that not a resigning matter? Incompetence has resulted in many lives lost.

In Scotland:

There was a worrying surge as self-centred or stupid tourists returned from Spain and NHS staff were put under pressure but it’s under control as we approach January.

Look at the infection rates diverge after the Scottish Government acted quickly to control surges in Glasgow and surrounding regions:

All graphs, ONS and NRS data tabulated by:

6 thoughts on “It IS under control

  1. Yes and there is a danger that Eyjafjallajökull will erupt again.
    However,it is probably sensible to keep people aware of the dangers should they not adhere to the safety advice.

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  2. I would be intrigued to know if someone in the Senedd knows what caused the horrendous spike in Wales, we already have a fairly good idea over London and SEE.
    As said previously this mischief making over Scotland’s real condition cannot be sustained unless SG’s grip on the situation is relaxed (unlikely) or forced.
    Given that HMG have been quite prepared to sacrifice folks in England for #10 politics, we best remain vigilant…

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    1. The border between Wales and England is much longer than that between Scotland and England and there are more crossing points, with large cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol all relatively close with people commuting to work between Wales and these cities and other smaller towns. I suspect that is part of the explanation for the disappointingly high levels of infections and deaths in Wales.

      Although there is cross-border commuting between Scotland and England, Carlisle and Berwick are not as heavily populated as the English cities close to Wales. Most of the traffic on the two motorways is headed for Glasgow and Edinburgh and it will account for part of the relatively high rates of infections in both cities.


  3. ‘Are you concerned….?’

    Yes, but not for any reason the BMA or politicians put forward. The stealthy, attritional privatisation of the NHS in England which has contributed to the mess made of handling covid also affects Barnett and the money coming to Scotland as a result.

    Allysson Pollock who did her medical training in Scotland wrote this piece in advance of indyref1.

    “Since 2003, government policy in England has been to channel billions of pounds of scarce NHS funds to the for-profit private sector. For example the ‘independent sector treatment centre’ programmes diverted more than £5bn, and the government has recently announced that all GP services will go out to tender for private providers. The consequences of the market are felt every day as people see local services closing, and experience real reductions in access to diminished services – from struggling A&E departments to outsourced cancer care. Loss of NHS services mean people will have no choice but to go without or pay for health care through health insurance or out of their own pocket.

    Handing the NHS to the market is a highly inefficient way of delivering health care, introducing new costs that are not experienced in public systems. There is mounting evidence that the English NHS is paying for work regardless of whether it is done or not: with one contract, Netcare did not perform nearly 40% of the work it had been contracted to do, receiving £35.1m for patients it never treated. The English NHS is on a track towards the US system, where commercialisation results in around $750 billion wasted each year due to overtreatment, undertreatment, and billing, invoicing, and marketing costs….

    …If the English NHS is not restored, consequences for Scotland are serious. The NHS in Scotland may not be suffering these changes, but funding for the NHS in Scotland is allocated through the Barnett formula, so any reduction in NHS funds in England translates into reduced funding for Scotland.”

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    1. A horror story indeed, the US ‘healthcare’ system must the last model to
      copy in the whole world. The inequality and discrimnination equals no other.

      Years ago BBC radio4 (back in the day when they made half decent programmes!) did a programme about Thatcher starting the ball rolling to completely sell off the NHS to the US. The ‘neocons’ on both sides the pond had it all planned out it was almost in the bag, but I guess it was put on hold until another right wing nutcase could finsih the job.

      Scotland must never allow their NHS to be privatised, only independence can ensure it stays in public hands, for the people who pay for it, available to all, on an equal basis at point of need.


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