Now Glenn Campbell misrepresents the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation

From BBC Scotland, a classic display of ‘balanced’ reporting to completely distort the truth:

The Scottish government said the agreement announced on Thursday was “a bad deal for fishing”. But the UK government has insisted the deal will allow Scotland’s fishermen to flourish outside the EU. Until the end of this year, the UK will be bound by the EU’s rules including the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). There will then be a five-and-a-half year transition period for the fishing industry. Asked where the biggest compromises had been made, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK had wanted “complete control over our fisheries from the get-go. The EU began with wanting a transition period of 14 years, we wanted three years,” he said, describing the final agreement as “reasonable”.

Alister Jack even gets to say, unchallenged:

We have an agreement on fisheries which will ensure that our fishermen, and our coastal communities, will flourish outside of the EU’s unfair Common Fisheries Policy. The UK will once more be a sovereign coastal state.


He added that the deal would protect famous Scottish products such as whisky, Arbroath smokies and Orkney cheddar.

Should that ‘such as’ be ‘only?’

But, in an ‘analysis’ by Glenn Campbell, we read:

Meanwhile The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation said the government had not yet provided the full text of the agreement but, on the surface, it did not appear to “deliver on the industry’s aspirations”.

Would the SFF use terms like ‘on the surface?’ Would they be so hesitant? Why not quote them? Did Douglas Ross draft this for him?

Here’s what the SFF really expect to find:


Already, it seems, on the surface, even worse. I understand that 35% will only be 25%!

Presenting this deal with a sequence of ‘they said this’ and ‘the others said that’ statements, to suggest it’s only a matter of opinion, is like having balanced reporting on the dangers of smoking. All the experts know this deal is bad for the UK.

As a parting gift the EU experts have provided this nice graphic so that you can see what Boris has got for us:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is myth.png


11 thoughts on “Now Glenn Campbell misrepresents the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation

  1. Fret not
    You will soon hear the bellows of the Fishing
    Communities crying out BETRAYAL
    However the most juicy piece of the deal
    Is Seed potatoes
    The EU are brilliant experts re trade deals
    And it is no accident they omitted seed potatoes
    Why if you look at how they struck back at D.Trumps attack using punitive tariffs re.Boeing/ Airbus
    Europe attacked US bourbon why because the Leading Republican Senator represents
    Kentucky the home of Bourbon
    So why Scottish seed potatoes
    They are mainly grown in strong supporting Tory constituencies
    The EU know exactly where,when and to whom their effective punches should land
    But to me this reveals their support for a Independent Scotland
    Because they could have landed a more serious punch down south
    They instinctively
    know this will grow legs in Scotland and hurt the English and the mad Brexiteers politically
    Stupidly the Dumbos in the ABC ( BBC)
    Are completely unaware of the subtle clever tactics of the Astute EU.because they were quick to mouth off about the Tatties
    Stupidly they rose to the Bait
    Remember this deal is only the beginning of far more talks
    Watch this Space
    And if i was in charge of SNP press briefings
    Then this ace of a card would be played to maximum effect
    Get out their locally and support these growers of seed potatoes and screw every piece of publicity you can, control the narrative
    The EU will soon see the smoke signals and respond accordingly as trade talks and policies implemented

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  2. The Tories making a complete mess will be voted out. Lining their pockets with public monies. Someone else will have to clear up the shambles. They had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe to improve the economy.

    Scotland will be Independent. Vote to stay in the EU.

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  3. DRossie, Glen and Hi Jack—-lying on their backs thinking of England.

    Thinking of England, while lying to Scotland.

    Its the “British Way”, you know. Pip, pip old chap!


  4. The Irish are not happy about the fishing arrangements.

    “The fishing industry reacted angrily to the agreement. One of the industry’s biggest groups, the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation, said that the agreement “fails Irish fishermen.”

    The group demanded compensation by way of the transfer of the quota of the mackerel – one of the sector’s most profitable stocks – caught by other EU member states.

    The Irish fishing industry currently catches 60 per cent of its mackerel, one of the most profitable catches for the Donegal fishing sector in particular, in UK waters.

    The KFO said the agreement showed “the duplicitous nature of these protracted negotiations and expressed dismay that repeated guarantees have “effectively been shredded.”

    Sean O’Donoghue, chief executive of the KFO, said that, having secured written commitments in official documents relating to the fishing sector, four and a half years of agreements “had for all intents and purposes, been dishonoured by the negotiators.””


  5. Denis Staunton, the London correspondent of the Irish Times has a piece about who gets what in the EU – UK deal. It notes also “Boris Johnson’s assertion that the deal also eliminates non-tariff barriers to trade is not accurate.” This will affect some Scottish fishermen and others.

    It is worth reading the complete article,imo,. Here is the link and the bit about fisheries.

    “Fishing was among the most contentious issues in the negotiations, the last to be agreed and the only one where Britain was clearly in the stronger position. But the outcome involved a huge climbdown for Johnson, who until a few weeks ago was demanding an 80 per cent reduction over three years in the value of fish caught in British waters.

    The EU’s opening demand for no change in its current access to British waters was plainly unrealistic but under the deal, European boats will lose only 25 per cent of their catch, with the changes phased in over 5½ years.

    After that, quotas for EU boats will be worked out in annual negotiations but if Britain dramatically limits access to its waters, the EU can retaliate by closing EU waters to British boats or imposing tariffs. The bloc dropped a demand that it should be able to impose sanctions on other elements of British trade in response to any dispute over fisheries.”

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  6. Johnson’s quote is designed to create the false impression that the UK will have complete control of fishing in 5 years, but the truth is that the EU Total Allocated Catch is being reduced by a small amount.

    See p893 onwards of the trade deal document.


  7. Unsurprisingly the lying britnats praised their deal before any details were available, just before Christmas day. Their lies couldn’t be fully challenged and thus the britnat media including the bbc regurgitated the britnat lies.

    It’s now up to responsible journalists in the media, responsible politicians and representatives of concerned economic bodies to call out all those britnat lies.

    In Scotland it is up to the SNP/SG to start getting seriously angry about such britnat lying. They must be prepared to break Westminster’s anti-Scottish laws. In Westminster SNP MPs must disrupt that cesspit of britnat scumbags at every opportunity.

    As the brexit deal is exposed as a sham so the so-called united kingdom will be seen by more people in Scotland than ever before as equally sham-full.


    1. One way for the SNP to hit the headlines and expose the real truth of the deal is to pose questions to Boris and government ministers
      In Broad Scots or Gaelic
      Such is well within the rules and will surely wrong foot the respondents into inaccurate replies as they will lack any interpreters of any worth
      That will make headlines and let them know the gloves are coming off now


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