Infection levels fall as new strain spreads faster….eh, whit?

I’m getting a non-Covid headache.

There’s a new fast-spreading strain. Richard Leonard said it’s 70% faster so we need 70% more testing. I used to be a Primary teacher. I often found it a bit of a challenge explaining to some 11 year-olds why it’s not that simple.

But, the ONS say that the infection level in Scotland has fallen?

And, there were only 1 165 new cases yesterday, down from 1 314 the day before and a peak of 1 504 on the 21st.

So, infection levels are falling ‘as’ the new strain spreads faster?

Where’s Devi Sridhar?

5 thoughts on “Infection levels fall as new strain spreads faster….eh, whit?

  1. If you monitor Scottish daily test numbers
    You begin to understand how a effective
    Fit for purpose test,track & isolate system works in keeping infection spread under control
    Scotland test numbers
    Sat.12.12.20. To Fri.18.12= 92931 I.E ave.13278 / day

    Sat.19.12 to Fri.25.12 = 152912 I.E ave.21855 / day
    Such clearly demonstrates that proper use of a efficient
    system is a key to controlling increasing infections and staying in front of new trends as unlike England who are well behind in controlling the new trend in main due to the mutant strain
    It is well know England’s system is most definitely NOT fit for purpose
    And all after the WHO strongly advised very early at the start of the pandemic that the key to controlling the virus was a fast effective efficient, Test,Track,Trace & Isolate policy
    Who listens to the Science
    Boris or Nicola
    This is not rocket science nor complex
    Tis a matter of good old fashioned common sense

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      1. ArtHetty
        Thanks read it
        Personally I always believe in appealing to the better side of human nature if you desire a positive outcome and for the benefit of all
        All akin to the stubborn mule which has to lug a heavy load up the Brae
        What is your most useful tool
        Carrot at its nose
        Stick at its arse
        And in these matters Boris is indeed both the stick and the arse

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  2. I think Prof Sridhar is well and shielding from the effects of RL. She has a piece in the Graun, from which comes this bit..

    “Of all the lessons we’ve learned from this pandemic, the most significant is how unequal its effects have been. Wealth, it turns out, is the best shielding strategy from Covid-19. As poorer people crowded together in cramped housing, the rich escaped to their country retreats. Two of the largest risk factors for dying from Covid-19 are being from a deprived background and being from a minority-ethnic background, pointing to the underlying role of social inequalities, housing conditions and occupation.”

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  3. Wow- someone did a timeline of my key tweets since Jan. thanks!
    Quote Tweet
    · 9 Nov

    THREAD: #SARSCov2 insights from @devisridhar.

    Initial objective was to collate a timeline for myself, then I thought it may be useful to others too.

    I intended to capture one item for each month, but some months were so packed the thread grew Upside-down face

    Brief summary at end.
    Show this thread


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