Infections fall ‘as’ rules relaxed?

‘As’, as in the use above, is another of those lazy little words like ‘after’ and ‘among’ that so-called journalist like to use to put ideas in your head and to suggest that something bad has happened.

You’ll remember all those folk who died after something in Glasgow’s superhospital but not because of that something?

So, the government relaxes the rules for Christmas day and bang (!) more than 1 000 people get infected. Just like that! That woman they interviewed in Glenrothes warned us that would happen as she reported being unable to get a vaccine appointment for her husband.

There were 1 165 new cases in the previous 24 hours.

That’s down from 1 314 the previous day. Where have I seen that number before?

So, ‘Infection falls as rules relaxed?’

How does that compare with other parts of the UK? BBC Scotland doesn’t mention that.

What, there were far fewer new infections in Scotland? That can’t be right. They didn’t say anything about that on the news.

The numbers must be surging in Glenrothes as folk don’t get the vaccine. I heard someone talking about that.

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8 thoughts on “Infections fall ‘as’ rules relaxed?

    1. The ‘journalist’ was being prophetic because the article was written BEFORE the Christmas Day 24 hours actually had begun.


  1. Aye John, the caption under the lead photo “Rules across Scotland have been relaxed to allow people to meet their bubbles indoors” conjured up memories of McGoohan’s The Prisoner…

    A slight change to the usual BBC drip feed of SG failure, but what jumped out at me was them pushing the “new variant” story –
    “The government is also examining whether the current level four measures will be enough to contain the new strain of the virus, which studies suggest can spread up to 70% faster than previous variants.”

    I’m deeply sceptical over claims for this variant, it stinks of politically motivated distraction to England’s failing Covid strategy, a childish lie which had unforeseen and horrendous consequences.
    When the balloon went up, vehicles and people were stranded in Dover etc. while France examined the information. Had anything untoward been unearthed, would the French really have lifted the blockade 48 hours later? I suggest not.
    Rising covid prevalence in SE England is where the problem lies, yet –
    “A report published by the Office for National Statistics on Christmas Eve suggested the number of people with Covid in Scotland has dropped, but the new strain was responsible for 38% of positive cases”

    Really ? I don’t believe a word of it.

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      1. Bob
        They have woken up to the fact that their previous modus operandi was failing
        So now and with changes of Snr.personell
        At the Top they are subtlety ammending their
        Such proves
        1.Mi5 have their hands upon the rudder
        2.ABC ( BBC) are well and truly politically controlled and do their Masters bidding
        Know thy Foes

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    1. ONS was responsible for a report showng Scotland had 3rd highest deaths in Europe on one carefully selected week. I don’t trust them.

      ONS previous infection estimate (18 Dec) was 1 in 95 for England and 1 in 100 for Scotland although England had twice as many positive tests per head as Scotland.

      Regarding ” new variant” their own report has this:

      “Data should be treated with caution. In particular, there are small numbers of positives detected in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland leading to considerable uncertainty surrounding these estimates. There are further uncertainties given that not all cases that are positive on the ORF1ab and N-genes will be the new variant.”

      ONS Modelling aside Scotland positivity seems to be flatlining.


  2. Having also spotted the (careful) insertion of the ‘as’ word to imply linkage in yesterday’s BBC New website, I couldn’t resist looking a wee bit further. I looked for how comparable Covid-related information for the UK, for England, for NI and for Wales was being reported on the BBC News website on Christmas Day.

    In fact there was nothing comparable. There was nothing on the top level Cornonovirus page, and also nothing on the England, NI or Wales pages. And although there was nothing comparable in terms of UK-wide information, this carefully crafted headline about Scotland did appear again on the website’s page for UK news items.

    The BBC News website is especially ‘useful’ when seeking to compare and contrast editorial decisions on content and framing of daily BBC News coverage for the UK and its nations and regions. It’s hard to ignore a distinctive editorial policy being implemented by the BBC on Scotland-only issues.

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