‘Mark Drakeford must go’ anyone? ‘Labour fails Wales’ Anyone? No?

The virus is out of control in Wales. The infection level is nearly NINE times higher than in Scotland, more than TWICE as high as in England? Who is to blame? Does the buck stop somewhere?

And deaths, bad, bad, too:

Nearly THREE times as many are dying in Wales as in Scotland and nearly TWO times as many as in England. Are the Welsh people being failed? By whom? Who is in charge? Is it the Labour Party?

I know, the public service broadcaster will be informing the people, speaking truth to power, eh?

Not a peep.

Imagine those figures were for Scotland. Imagine BBC Scotland’s response? Imagine Leonard and Davidson.

2 thoughts on “‘Mark Drakeford must go’ anyone? ‘Labour fails Wales’ Anyone? No?

  1. Certainly the situation in Wales, and England, is a large lens into just how things would be in Scotland, had there been a Tory or Labour government in charge at Holyrood. It does not bear thinking about, as well as the fact they would have all but destroyed Scotland’s NHS by now to boot. I was thinking about how Labour in Scotland in their ten years at the helm at Holyrood, started to run down the NHS, privatising parts of it, outsourcing cleaning, then running down Edinburgh’s Western General, all with the aim of closing it down. Can you imagine not having that huge, research, cancer hospital there, especially now. Utterly terrifying.

    It’s abhorrent that Wales right now is facing these terrible numbers of infection, and as you say John, if that was happening in SNP Scotland,
    they would not have lasted five minutes as Scotland’s government, they’d have been ousted by the media straight away.

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  2. Absolutely correct on the comparative John, but even from a BBC Wales perspective, reporting on Scottish matters is nowhere close to the propagandised view from BBC Scotland.
    As recently demonstrated by Pacific Quay’s feverish antics to hype the FM/mask story on repeat, they only ended up looking even more stupid than the Sun’s Chris Musson, nobody gave a toss after the FM owned up and apologised, not even in Holyrood.
    PQ still believe they are successfully conning the public, yet they are only conning themselves.

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