What was bad for the goose (Nicola) was not bad for the gander (birdbrain Boris)

Two weeks ago the Prime Minister faffed about with his facemask, joking about the seriousness, or not, of having to wear one. The media gaggle laughed it off. The Express sided with his waddling boorishness. The Labour opposition said nothing.

Yesterday, the Express and the rest of the gaggle, especially BBC Scotland, were of a different mind:

Blind to the behaviour of their own leader, the Scottish Tories got all high and hypocritical with the First Minister. Reporting Scotland headlined the story as long as they could before it collapsed under the weight of its own Brass Tacks parody.

Boris as ‘gander’ carries more meaning than you might at first realise:

Synonyms for gander


3 thoughts on “What was bad for the goose (Nicola) was not bad for the gander (birdbrain Boris)

  1. Didn’t take them long to demand NS resign, I thought maybe the end of the week, but no they couldn’t wait even that long. Just goes to show how threatened the BritNats and the EngGov are, oh my are they sh***ing their pants about Scotland. The FM must of course do no such thing, and this media witch hunt has to be called out for what it is.
    N. Sturgeon is their target, they have tried everything, and brought down others in the SNP to try to get at her, they think this is their chink in the armour don’t they, lowlife jobsworths, like rabid dogs.

    The politics of the media and the propaganda machine that is the BBC is paramount to the BritNats, not saving lives, they do not give a toss about the lives of the people of Scotland, in fact they revel in it when people die!

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  2. I must admit I was disappointed, and surprised, at Nicola’s lapse, as she must be well aware her enemies, and there are many, want rid of her as she is the spearhead in our drive to independence.
    In saying that, I thought she let rip at F.M.Qs, especially demolishing Leonard and Rennie, exposing their nonsensical questions about her actions in trying to keep us all as safe as possible.

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  3. To err is human, to capitalise on the error is, to quote that intellectual giant Chris Musson, “Exclusive”, to the pond-life which would have us join them in the mud at the bottom…


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