Labour stars live in faint hope

You couldn’t make it up:

The name Starmer comes from a name for a person whose personality or appearance called to mind a star. Starmer is a nickname, which belongs to the category of hereditary surnames. Nicknames form a broad and miscellaneous class of surnames, and can refer directly or indirectly to one’s personality, physical attributes, mannerisms, or even their habits of dress. The surname Starmer comes from the Old English words sterre, or starre, which mean star, and would have been given to someone with a bright personality.

The family motto is Vive en espoir or Live in hope. Just so, without much expectation of success?

You’ve seen him with his oh-so-uncertain smile suggesting deep uncertainty. You’ve heard that whiney, nasal, schoolboy voice. The Starmers have clearly lost their alleged sparkle.

Now, to make Scots admire him more, he’s asked Boris Johnson to refuse another independence referendum, told his troops to abstain on the infernal market bill which undermines the very devolution he claims to be so proud of and he’s asked Gordon Brown to lead the campaign against the SNP.

He will go down in history as the man who….well, he’ll just go down in history.

19 thoughts on “Labour stars live in faint hope

  1. Re.
    Go down in History
    He has already done that in Scotland
    By opening his mouth and wagging his forked
    Establishment tongue
    And immediately succeeded in
    Going Down in the Scottish Polls and forever so
    Who the Hell educates these people I wonder
    Maybe intelligent but completely devoid of Wisdom

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  2. It almost seems that as night follows day we get another English Labour Leader promsing us with yet more Devolution when Independence is tantalisingly close. Had also to laugh when we was extolling the virtues of being in a Union and the Scots early resistance to the ‘Poor Laws’ that were foisted on us by the English Parliament as some sort of vindication how well we work together. They still just simply don’t get it.

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  3. The Leader of ‘The Workers Party’ Sir Kier Starmer:

    “when the SNP proposed an investigation into Blair’s apparent lying in the run up to the war – bolstered by findings from the Chilcot report – Sir Keir voted against it.”

    Starmer voted for Trident in 2016, and worked tirelessly to secure Labour’s support for the Investigatory Power Bill, which expanded state surveillance and authorised the bulk collection of digital communications.

    As Labour Leader he whipped his members to abstain on the vote on the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill which allows Government Employees and informants commit crimes without the risk of prosecution.

    As DPP, Sir Keir tempered his love of liberty by fast-tracking the extradition of Julian Assange (a process now making its way through the courts).

    He flouted legal precedents by advising Swedish lawyers not to question Assange in Britain: a decision that prolonged the latter’s legal purgatory, denied closure to his accusers in Sweden, and sealed his fate before a US show trial.”

    Starmer also approved a decision not to prosecute any police over the shooting (execution) of Jean Charles de Menezes in Operation Kratos – described by critics as a “shoot to kill” policy.

    The Met had been trained/advised by Israeli security forces in the months leading up to this shooting in July 2005.

    Sir Keir Starmer also apparently helped paedophile Jimmy Saville evade justice in 2009. It’s claimed that the Police force referred four cases to Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service – headed by Kier Starmer.

    That’s before you look at his connections to Israeli lobbyists a personal donation of £50,000 from Sir Trevor Chin who has made donations to many leading Labour figures in the past including Tony Blair and Tom Watson!

    And this from Starmer himself “I said it loud and clear — and meant it — that I support Zionism without qualification.”

    Never forget that BritNat Labour is the UK Establishments B-Team.

    They are currently being rehabilitated in the public consciousness via the BBC/MSM in preparation to replace the Tories, lest real change occurs which threatens their place at the top of the greasy pole!

    Note the constant media attacks on Labour have stopped now Corbyn has been binned and a self-confessed Zionist (link above) Neo-Con has been installed as Leader

    Imagine the media frenzy if Corbyn had hit a cyclist when he was preforming an illegal manoeuvre whilst driving!

    As for Sir Starmer co-opting The Clunking Fist = The VOW MK 2

    We all remember what Brown promised was “home rule, self government, virtual autonomy and federalism in 2014”.

    Labour delivered none of that via The Smith Commission (and the Tories were prepared to offer Scotland more devolved powers via Smith than Labour were)!

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    1. Excellent compilation! And thanks for the link to the profile of Mr Starmer in the Times of Israel. I’d like to reproduce more of the section you reference:

      As you indicate, we learn this about Mr Starmer’s views: “I said it loud and clear — and meant it — that I support Zionism WITHOUT QUALIFICATION.” (my emphasis)

      And then there is this from the same article: ‘He (Starmer) also told the Jewish Chronicle: “If the definition of ‘Zionist’ is someone who believes in the state of Israel, in that sense I’m a Zionist”.’

      Is this not Mr Starmer acknowledging that he is a supporter of Israeli nationalism? We could debate the kind of nationalism this Israeli form exhibits but is his support without qualification wise?

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      1. I think one explanation is that it means under his leadership the Labour Party will continue to court Israeli money just like BLiar (no typo) in a continuation of New Labours campaign to break with the Trades Unions holding control of policy making.

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    2. Some further reflections on Mr Starmer’s selective views on nationalism and those, by implication, of his deputy Angela Rayner. It concerns the attitudes of these individuals and their Party to Northern Ireland’s Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP). I’ll return to the views of the two individual Labour politicians later.

      For background, the SDLP has long been affiliated to – known as the ‘sister party’ of – the UK Labour Party. Both parties are also members of the Party of European Socialists (PES).

      But see this. The UK Labour Party consorting with ‘nationalists’? This can be found on the SDLP website:

      “It is time for a new type of nationalism. The SDLP’s new vision of Progressive Nationalism will move the ground upon which the constitutional debate on this island rests.”

      And this nationalist party clearly wants constitutional change. Also from the SDLP website: “Ireland’s political re-unification remains the biggest and the best idea around. It needs huge preparation. Big ideas deserve better than being reduced to a numbers game.”

      And as the UK Labour Party launches its commission to defeat Scotland’s movement to dissolve the Union, its affiliated party in NI states this: “We believe that it is now time to set out a political roadmap to unity. That’s why we’re establishing a Commission for a New Ireland.

      “It will have two main tasks. …. The second task will put flesh on the bones of what a reunified Ireland will look like, providing an analysis and recommendations on what kind of institutional structure, what kind of public service and private sector structure and what kind of civic structure a new, united Ireland will comprise.”

      And the SDLP, the ‘sister’ party of UK Labour, acknowledges the work of the SNP: “Scotland’s plan for independence contained 670 pages of work. It scoped out and modelled what a new Scotland would look like. Irish nationalism must match that level of practicality. We must do the same.”

      “Irish Unity is not an idea that we in the SDLP simply commemorate, instead it is something that we continue to aspire to. This Commission will form the basis of our plan to deliver it.”

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    3. You might think that the new leadership of the UK Labour Party would have a problem with its longstanding sister party, the SDLP.

      Labour’s position is clear, including: (a) opposition to any democratic opportunity for Scotland’s electorate to decide on its constitutional future; (b) disparagement of all ‘nationalism’ – except perhaps Israeli nationalism; and (c) establishing a commission aimed at PRESERVING the Union.

      But its NI sister party’s position is also clear but rather different – to say the least: (a) supports the Belfast Agreement and its built-in commitment to a democratic process for NI’s electorate to decide on NI’s constitutional future; (b) proudly presenting as a (progressive) nationalist party; and (c) establishing a commission aimed at DISSOLVING NI’s place in the UK.

      So what do Mr Starmer and Ms Rayner think about the SDLP nowadays – this nationalist party that wishes to dissolve the Union? During the recent Labour Party leadership election, the Labour Party Irish Society posed questions to the leadership candidates.


      One of the questions was especially interesting in the present context: “What is your view on the Labour Party standing candidates in Northern Ireland?” – essentially on competing with the SDLP.

      This was Mr Starmer’s answer: “I don’t think now is the right time for Labour to stand candidates in Northern Ireland, …”

      “I also think we should work shoulder to shoulder with our sister party, the SDLP, and I am delighted that we have SDLP representatives in the House of Commons again.”

      So ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with a nationalist party whose objective is to dissolve the UK Labour Party’s precious Union!

      This was Angela Rayner’s (now the Labour Party’s Deputy Leader) response to the same question:

      “I support our Party’s current, longstanding position on this which is that we should not stand candidates for election in Northern Ireland at this time. … “

      “I support the principles of localism and political pluralism, and the need to place trust in people to identify their own priorities and the role of government at all levels to support that. …. I also greatly welcome the election of new SDLP members of Parliament and I look forward to working with them.”

      Let me repeat for emphasis: “.. the need to place trust in people to identify their own priorities and the role of government at all levels to support that ..” Just not when it comes to Scotland?

      Trust this succession of long comments is of interest. My only excuse for providing them is Jockanese Wind Talker’s excellent post as the catalyst!

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  4. There is also the breathtaking lack of self-awareness – he is ‘promising’ a major redistribution of powers to all parts of ‘this precious union’ (and ‘precious’ has more than one meaning). It is, he claims about extending democracy, but, at the same time he autocratically refuses to sanction any decision by the people of Scotland to determine how they govern themselves.

    The infamous Vow was only 6 years ago. Does he think we have no faculties of memory? Probably, yes, because imperialists tend to view subject peoples as not fully human.

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  5. Even in the hugely unlikely event that Scottish voters were persuaded by the underlying argument how on earth does he think we will actually vote for it? The last few months and years has shown that no matter how firmly government from Hollyrood is embedded in the Scottish peoples preferences a rogue government in wasteminster can drive a coach and horses through the devolved settlement. It may not be able to abolish Hollyrood without a referendum but it can neuter it without Labour being able to do a so and so about it.
    So should Sir Keir becomes PM in 2029 he can enact what he wants but it doesn’t prevent the next tory gov undoing it. Only logical answer for Scotland is independence and the Scots electorate are on the case

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  6. Ahem! Citizens of the Empire; I bring you greetings from our great Capital city of London. As you know, the Great White Queen bestows her genial benevolent best wishes to you–yes, all of you.
    Rumours of revolt among the Fuzzi—eh, Joc—eh Scots in our far-a-way north have reached us.
    The Wise Heads in this Great City have considered this, and we think we can sent–to you– more, and better “power”!
    Will you be allowed a say, you ask? No, of course not. This is for us, in the Great City to decide. It is our “power” we are discussing after all, and we will push some of it down to you.
    In our generosity, we will allow you to pick the colour of the flowers you plant: how long the grass can be: when your street lighting can go on and off.
    I have asked my fellow Leader, the great and wise Boris, that he absolutely ignores all pleas and missives from north of York.
    He has agreed.
    For guidance in our plans, we have asked the honourery North Britton Gordon Broony to obfuscate (in his unique way) on this matter.
    The final say–dare I say solution– will be mine, and mine alone.
    As your alternate Leader, you MUST vote for me. Only I can give you this pittance; without me, there can be no future for you; no hope……

    My parents named me Keir ( the B’stards) for a person who wanted Domion status for Scotland. Needless to say, that will not happen!

    Remember. London knows all. London rules all. Adieu!
    Protector Starmer.

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  8. Well these genealogy sites always put the best spin on ancestry. In Old English a similar word meant to steer, as to steer a boat, since then one navigated by the stars. So not a star but a sailor, a steersman – but perhaps you could have made a point about him not being very good at steering the Labour party.


  9. You didn’t mention the second member of Labour’s attack team aligned to fight against Scotland’s independence ….George Galloway!
    Jings, Labour’s Francie and Joesy.

    I wonder how Starmer’s ardent support of Zionism fits with Galloway’s
    – still valid?- concern for Palestinians.


    1. Gavin
      More akin to Laurel & Hardie
      And another fine mess the Labour party shall
      Find its almost defunct Branch Office up here


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