Scotland Covid update: rUK infection levels surge

Infection levels across the UK surged over the last 7 days to between two and seven times the level in Scotland. The level in England is now nearly three times higher.

The death rate tends to lag behind the infection levels but already is significantly higher across the UK than in Scotland.

The trend in England and Wales is worryingly upward and fairly flat in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Increases in Scotland over the last two days cannot as yet indicate a trend. Should the increase continue over 5 to 7 days, it might do so, further justifying the move to Level 4 on Boxing Day.

6 thoughts on “Scotland Covid update: rUK infection levels surge

    1. Ch4 news is virtually off air until after the New Year. There will be a handful of 5 min bulletins but most nights nothing at all.

      I do not know why or who made that decision but to do this at this point in time is unbelievable.

      The why might be money related. The channel has been having money problems but I believe it does get some public funding and as such does have a Public Broadcasting remit especially when it comes to news.

      What on earth were they thinking?

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      1. Weren’t they threatened by Johnson a wee while back, to take their broadcasting license away? Looks like some one is pulling some strings to shut them up, bad for England maybe, but makes no difference to Scotland. Ch4 are, (same as all so called media and news propaganda) no friend of Scotland that’s for sure.

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      2. Ledgerwood few weeks back they gave airtime to a group of young people whose ethniticity is from a middle east nation / people supported by Celtic fans.

        Could it be that ch4 news are being punished. John Snow had his tail between his legs tonight, accompanied by a frog in his throat.
        Tomorrow’s news buletin is to be broadcast between 11 am and 12 noon.


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