Mediatitis: The infection that lingers only in the mind

Not one person died because of an infection caused by faults in the ventilation or water systems and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. All the media have is unscientific rumour. The ‘doctors’ are not infection control specialists. No expert in infection control has suggested that there is anything in these rumours.

Here they are again:

  1. A 10-year-old boy and 73-year-old woman who died at the Govan hospital were found to have contracted Cryptococcus fungal infection which can be linked to pigeon droppings.
  2. A third death, involving a 63-year-old patient who contracted the fungal infection Mucor, was also investigated but no link was found.
  3. Millie Main, 10, died in 2017 from an infection, which her mother believes was “100%” due to contaminated water.


6 thoughts on “Mediatitis: The infection that lingers only in the mind

  1. Are you sitting comfortably, children? Then I’ll begin.

    Once upon a time, news did not exist, so people had to make stuff up.
    Witches, ogres, princesses locked in towers, or bowers, or smelling flowers. Then, children, the big folk decided fairy tales were too stupid, so news became important.
    Not everyone believed in hard news.
    Up in Scotland fairy tales have NEVER stopped. Cruel, evil, step-mothers and Bad Wizards became Editors and political commentators and tried to pass spells on poor little orphan Nicla!
    Deep in the forest at Pacific Quay, seven dwarves ruled.
    Jaikie B. Gordo “Special” Brew. Glen Tinkerbell. Big Brian ( who ate all the weans). James–who cooked all the weans. Kirsty Warped. Andy Kerry-oot.
    They just loved telling false tales, fabrications, faux news, parish pump gossip, and if they were really stuck–a straight out lie would do.

    But the rotten, miserable, honest folk refused to believe them, and like all the other creatures in the dark—if you stop believing in them–they just disappear!
    And we all lived happily, BBC-free, ever after.

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  2. You may possibly have misinterpreted the headline John, it is equally possible “Doctors’ infection concerns’ not addressed at hospital” could apply to the RtDisH Sarah being advised yet again she had a dose of the Crap but the hospital had run out of labels after so many repeat diagnoses with Wark, Campbell, Robertson, etc., …

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  3. This is the same pigeon-shit story which the BBC has run for several years, with a few minor editings – e.g comments from different, but unspecified number of ‘doctors’, who, usually ‘wish to remain anonymous’.

    In the Glasgow and West section, they exaggerate a story about Wishaw university Hospital, which has closed some wards because routine checking indicated that the full cleaning standards had not been followed. This coincided with an increase in admissions (the beloved cliche: ‘spike’) due to Covid. Compared to March-May the number of hospital admissions is less, despite far more infections being detected, and, to a fair extent this is due to NHS staff having learned, quickly, from experience, how to manage infections better. Part of that has been changing the cleaning routines and standards. Staff are disciplined in their behaviours and there are routinised procedures to monitor standards. The story is a malicious attempts to link two coincident events – a local ‘spike’ and remedial action for identified problems,

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  4. Propaganda 101 – “When you lie, tell a big lie, and keep repeating it!”

    We have no balance in Scotland. One branch of the Unionist media prints a lie/distortion/opinion/etc and the others quote them ending with the BBC quoting all the Newspapers as reliable sources. The invention/distortion of the original lie is now established fact…Goebbels would be proud of them.

    Journalism is now about sifting through tonnes of FOI requests looking for that stat going the wrong way OR interviewing Mrs MacGrumpie who heard from her neighbours sisters cousin that….fill in blank!

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  5. It’s a catch 22 situation for the propagandists. They repeatedly highlight misleading stories of what they Hope readers will see as incompetance by Nicola Sturgeon / Jeane Freeman. At the same time people who make the effort to go to their WebsHite will also take in news from other sources where they will hear of real disasters in England and the Welsh NHS.
    There can be very few people in Scotland who haven’t some awareness of major horrors in UK health services outwith Scotland.


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