World-expert tells UK to follow Sturgeon’s lead

I’ve had to sort out this BBC story and correct the headline to reflect the really important news they’d buried deep in it.

After endless whinges by businesses leader and a complete failure to understand the need to prioritise public health outcomes so that you can then really open up the economy, we find this at the very end, almost buried where few readers go:

‘Crunch’ down on virus

Prof Devi Sridhar, chairwoman of Global Public Health at Edinburgh University and a Scottish government adviser, said measures to “really crunch” down on the virus were the best way to help the economy.

“We have got to eliminate as much as possible to the lowest level of this virus because that is how we will reopen our economy,” she told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

“Scotland was already running a lower infection rate but to go into quite a harsh lockdown over the holiday period, to extend the school holidays, to really try to get those numbers low, I think, I would hope the rest of the UK would follow that model, which is we have got to really crunch this.”

There’s no need to read the other stuff.

10 thoughts on “World-expert tells UK to follow Sturgeon’s lead

  1. The Herald has this story on the front page today. In the course of the report they referred to’Professor Sridhar chairwoman of global health’s Then later as Ms Sridhar. Obviously trying to cut her down to size but instead making themselves look like tiny-minded ignoramus. In fact everytime they have an article in which Professor Sridhar is mentioned they always refer to her in a misleading way.

    How petty and stupid are they?

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  2. In a normal country, with a normal media, the Scottish government could reasonably expect a modicum of praise and support.

    Alas, “Scotlands” media is lower than low, yellow page, gutter snipes.

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  3. All akin to what Goebles in Nazi Germany
    Was telling the German people in 1944 after they received reports from the Russian front in the Pripet marshes as the Battle of Krusk
    Was coming to a conclusion with a resounding Soviet victory which in turn sealed the fate of Nazi Germany
    Did he allow the report that they had lost over 20000 Panzer 3 & 4,s
    No he did not
    The leading report was how the final victory was assured when a Small German unit had successfully counter attacked against the Soviets 600 Km. Away from Krusk
    And only a very small rumoured report from Krusk that The Soviet gains had been halted
    ABC ( BBC ) most certainly are adherents of Goebels play book
    I ask who are the Fascists NOW
    Let them Fester
    Cause we ain’t Better Together

    Know thy Foe


  4. Professor Sridhar has good reason to want the UK government to follow the example of Scotland.She explains that reason in this piece, link below.

    “Two other factors have contributed to Scotland’s relative success, says Sridhar. The first is clear messaging. On 10 May, the UK government changed its “stay at home” slogan to “stay alert”, but Scotland stuck to the original line. It has since switched to “stay safe”.

    What’s more, “there is a very high level of trust in the Scottish government and in Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership”, says Sridhar. According to YouGov, as of 1 May, 74 per cent of Scottish people approved of their government’s handling of the pandemic and 71 per cent were confident in Nicola Sturgeon’s decisions. In contrast, a June poll found that 50 per cent of British people disapproved of Johnson and only 43 per cent approved of him.

    On 29 June, Scotland reported just 5 new cases, out of 815 for the UK as a whole, and announced no new covid-19-related deaths for the fourth day in a row. The nation could soon have days with no new confirmed cases. “Scotland’s weeks away from that,” says Sridhar. “England’s months away.”

    Yet in practice, Scotland is unlikely to achieve full elimination in the near future, because it has a 154-kilometre border with England. “Many people cross that border every day,” says Sridhar. “I think we will probably never get, without England’s cooperation, to full elimination.””

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  5. I’m reminded of an anecdote, attributed to Henry Ford while looking at one of his bustling car factories. He’s reputed to have said (I paraphrase):
    Leave the plant and take away the people – within months we will have an overgrown wreck.
    Leave the people and take away the plant – in months we will have a new, productive plant in full swing.
    Henry Ford knew where true value lies. It’s in people alone – not money nor possessions. For the good of the future we must, as our very first priority, look after the wellbeing of our people. Without them nothing else is of any real consequence.


    1. There is a related anecdote in which he was speaking to a Trade Union officer and attempting to cow him. Ford’s office looked over the shop floor of one of his car plants and the assembly line was substantially automated. He said to the TU man, that robots would soon be able to do the work his members were doing, for far less cost. To which the TU officer replied, “And who is going to buy your cars, Henry?”

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  6. The BritNats really are politicising this pandemic aren’t they, using it to attack the Scottish government, with their massive lies, and omitting crucial information that could actually help people, the level of immorality these past few months from the BritNats at Holyrood, the EngGov, and the so called media is nothing short of evil. To politicise this terrible pandemic the British Nationalists in the media are showing their true colours, they are an unethical, undemocratic machine, designed to and working for the rich and the powerful, may they all rot in hell.

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