‘Scotland to become leading hydrogen nation’ story soars over BBC Scotland heads?

Is Douglas Fraser not following gov.scot? Should he?

From the Scottish Government today:

The hydrogen sector will receive £100 million over the next five years to support a green recovery and Scotland’s just transition to net zero. Scotland is set to become a leading hydrogen nation, with an ambition to generate 5GW of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen by 2030 – enough to power the equivalent of 1.8 million homes.   Economic impact research suggests the industry has the potential to be worth up to £25 billion a year to the Scottish economy by 2045.

Scotland’s Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said:

“We are the first country in the UK to publish a Hydrogen Policy Statement that sets out how we can make the most of Scotland’s massive potential in this new sector. Hydrogen is rapidly emerging across the international community as a sustainable solution for the decarbonisation of the economy and a key element of the energy transition picture. Scotland is prepared to play its full part together with other European nations – that’s why we’re publishing this key policy statement today and investing £100 million of Scottish Government resources to stimulate the sector and its supply chain.


12 thoughts on “‘Scotland to become leading hydrogen nation’ story soars over BBC Scotland heads?

  1. As I have said before one of the Worlds leading Academic energy economics expert stated
    Scotland has the huge potential to be the New Saudi Arabia of the green energy revolution but for how Westminster cleverly
    Thwarts such by a skewed charges for feeding its energy into the grid
    Let them Fester
    So we get better free of them


  2. Fly, fly, fly away with Scotlands hydrogen balloon.
    Sink into isolation linked with Gretagarboland ( formerly known as England).
    As not reported by BBC Hootsmon.

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    PQ is a leading producer of methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, and Nitrogen, why would they concern themselves with a Fifth Element ?
    The Hydrogen issue needs a little more fleshing out in the public domain, it is not without it’s problems whether “Blue” or “Green”….


      1. Not at all on the same scale, nuclear energy was sold to my generation as so cheap it would make billing uneconomic, zero waste, zero problems, that didn’t exactly pan out as advertised
        The byproduct of the “blue hydrogen” process being heavily promoted by the oil industry leaves a CO2 by-product they seem not quite so keen to address beyond a vague “we’ll store it”.
        Hydrogen as a storage or usable fuel is not a huge problem, but let’s not ignore by-products on this.


    1. Thanks for the info Bob. This may add a little more.

      “Replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen could help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions from tricky areas such as heavy goods vehicles. But electrifying our energy supply is the best way to green it, and hydrogen only has a secondary – and perhaps temporary – role to play.

      So says a report from the Committee on Climate Change, the expert body that advises the UK on how to meet its climate targets.

      “Hydrogen gives an option to help us decarbonise those really difficult bits of the energy system that otherwise we would really struggle to do, because we can’t electrify everything,” says David Joffe, one of the authors of the report.”



    2. Three of these are actually chemical compounds. Only nitrogen and hydrogen are elements.

      Perhaps you could ‘flesh out’ what needs ‘a little more fleshing out’.

      When I was on my Higher Grade Chemistry course at school 1964/65, we had lectures about the transfer to a ‘hydrogen economy’ and the ‘issues’, such as its explosiveness, were discussed. The then South of Scotland Electricity Board and the ‘electrical’ trade unions, mounted a campaign against this, which was very heavy on ‘problems’, not just for hydrogen, but all forms of renewables. Salter’s ‘Ducks’ which generated electricity from wave power had, a few years earlier been demonstrated as feasible.

      Hydrogen is only explosive under certain conditions as are other gaseous fuels, such a ‘town gas’ and methane (‘North Sea Gas’) There have been explosions involving these, but these have been decreasing almost to rarity. Hydrogen can use the same technologies mutantis mutandis.



    SG have also published extensive research and documentation concerning production of green hydrogen. The surf and turf project on Eday, as previously described on this site seems to have provided a basis of many of the calculations. The big idea seems to be the combination of offshore wind, green hydrogen and export of excess hydrogen to Europe via existing undersea pipelines. There will be a high demand in the future for green hydrogen (produced by electrolosis) across Europe as they seek to decarbonise. As we should all know by know, The vast majority of offshore wind power to produce this hydrogen lies in the Scottish sector.


  5. Converting electrical energy into hydrogen for storage and then using it when needed, either as gas or to generate electrical power, negates the need for pump storage, batteries and other forms of storage.


  6. Readers who worry about what happens to electrical supplies when the wind stops might find this companies vanadium flow batteries of interest.
    I think they make these units in their Bathgate factory in West Lothian.
    I think one of their units is used on the surfnturf project on Eday to provide a steady and constant supply of electricity to their hydrogen electroliser 24 hrs a day.


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