Scotland’s infection level now 65th in the World

Readers will remember the barely concealed glee with which Unionist commentators thought they had found deaths to lay at the door of the SNP Government. Former Scottish Labour speech-writer (don’t laugh), Gina Davidson was only one of many.

Six months later, with the opportunity to manage the pandemic response themselves, that same government has made a difference.

Here are the most recent death and infection rates:

The UK is now 10th in terms of deaths per 1 million population.

England at 1 045 would be 9th and Wales at 988 would be 10th.

Scotland at 784, would be 17th.

I’m not proud of that but after being hamstrung by the UK Government and SAGE ‘advice’, in the first wave, it’s an achievement.

SNP Government actions saved many lives? There’s a headline we’ll never see.

On infection levels:

In terms of cases of infection per million population, at 29 978, the UK is 28th in Europe and 45th in the World.

England at 30 982 would be 29th in Europe and 40th in the World.

Scotland at 20 418 would be 34th in Europe and 65th in the World.

Labour-run wales would be 13th in Europe and 23rd in the World.

World data at:

10 thoughts on “Scotland’s infection level now 65th in the World

  1. I take your point on relative performance John but it has become abundantly clear neither Wales nor Scotland have been able to contain the outside effects, and with “gung-ho is the way to go” prevailing from London for England, everyone else has suffered the consequence, including areas of England.
    I’m convinced that reality has sunk in not just with Welsh and Scots but a hefty chunk of middle to north England, how much better it may have been if we’d been able to go it alone than tied to the whims of the “born to rule but can’t govern brigade”. Translated to Scots that is Independence.
    What our numbers might have been as an independent nation is not a question the media dare ask, hence attempts to portray it as disastrous despite all evidence to the contrary.
    We would still have a lockdown now, but it would be to protect the bubble we, an independent nation, had already created.
    THEN the comparisons would be dramatically different.

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    1. In her long interview with Channel 4 Professor Sridhar alluded to her growing awareness of how much the ‘Celtic’ countries are ‘tied to decisions by Westminster’. This was in response to asneeringly dismissive comment by the blustering and bombastic Krisha Guru-Murthy.

      I have inferred that both she and Professor Bauld are under instructions to speak only at the UK level and not to make unfavourable comparisons between the devolved nations and the whole UK.

      In her interview, she stated quite explicitly how other countries – she instanced some in East Asia and Australia – had responded firmly and quickly and explicitly for the protection of the citizens. They were clearly acting on behalf of their citizens, which was clearly NOT the case with the Westminster Government, which only acted when it was essential and only in as limited way as possible. She also exemplified how New York City has supported citizens who have had to isolate – they were contacted daily to see how they were, food and other supplies were delivered to them, if they could not isolate at home, hotels had been set aside for individuals to be taken there in taxis. In the UK, people were just told to isolate but given little support. New York City, of course, has a much wider range of powers, particularly budgetary ones, than the devolved nations.

      Essentially, she was saying that Johnson and his cronies do not give a monkey’s about the rest of us.

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  2. I can assure you that the figs./ data for England WILL only get far worse
    A reasonable estimate is that at least in the last week they have in reality well over
    160000 cases of the mutated strain at the very very least
    While in Scotland we have only 17 cases
    ((At least )
    Such figs.will rapidly transfer in very high numbers of Hospital Admissions & subsequent ICU and deaths in England
    And i predict they will become the Worst in the World in the next 3 months vacine or no Vacine
    The cause has occurred they await the awful effects
    Boris was made aware of this new strain in September
    He is a pre programed ditherer who cant help himself and surrounded with a cabinet of Brexit nodding dogs who far less bark will even not whimper

    Do not fester together
    We Are NOT better together

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  3. And we still get letters to the papers claiming how “badly” Scotland has handled the virus: Sturgeon failed blah, blah!
    The BBC have their grubby paws all over the misinformation.

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  4. This positivity can’t be right, surely?

    Ian Murray MP told me and I suspect the largely England-based audience listening to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning that on the management of Covid-19, in terms, the Scottish Government has achieved no better an outcome than Westminster. And this is despite, so Mr Murray asserts (disingenuously), having full independence to take its own chosen path – something about the FM having the independence to opt to do the same as Westminster.

    Obviously no challenge from the Today interviewer and so an English audience is again insulated by the BBC (and a British nationalist politician) from unpalatable comparisons.

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  5. Speaking of unpalatable comparisons this Human Development Index is here.

    “The Human Development Index (HDI) is a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education (Literacy Rate, Gross Enrollment Ratio at different levels and Net Attendance Ratio), and per capita income indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. A country scores a higher HDI when the lifespan is higher, the education level is higher, and the gross national income GNI (PPP) per capita is higher.”

    Readers will readily note that the Nordic countries and Ireland are all ranked above the UK. Ireland comes second, ahead of Ireland is Norway.

    Some or all of you will remember that the Growth Commission Report looked at the possibility of an independent Scotland following the political and economic policies of Ireland or the Nordic countries before recommending different policies. These policies have attracted considerable criticism, not least from former MP, George Kerevan


  6. This is some of what Mr Kerevan, an economist as well as a journalist had to say about the Growth Commission Report.

    “Kerevan writes that the currency plan would leave “Scottish productivity and growth rates… tied to England’s unless – and this is key – we were to try to reduce wage costs directly through a combination of austerity and liberal market labour ‘reforms’.”

    Kerevan also says the Growth Commission’s primary proposal for boosting growth through population growth driven by immigration lacks credibility.”


  7. There was a meeting of SNP members to discuss the Growth Commission Report at Ayr racecourse in 2018. A number expressed their dismay and opposition to the Report. Here is a quote from one attending.

    “Robbie Mochrie, an associate professor of economics at Heriot Watt University who also attended the meeting, described in the National the reaction of many SNP members at the assembly in Ayr to the Growth Commission.

    He said: “There were many people who were dismayed by the adoption of Gers as a baseline for Scotland’s fiscal state, the willingness to rely on sterling as Scotland’s currency for an extended period, and the degree to which the report is written for specialists, with narrowly technical, repetitive writing and impenetrable analysis.””


  8. Finally, Jim Cuthbert had his say.

    “The SNP’s Sustainable Growth Commission, chaired by Andrew Wilson, reported in May 2018, after a long gestation period. It was immediately subject to extensive criticism. Among the main charges was that it presaged an extended period of austerity – far from the rosy prospect of a painless transition to prosperous independence. That it paid no heed to the pressing need for social change in Scotland – giving the lie to the idea that the SNP was basically a social democratic party. And that it was a standard neo-liberal prescription for economic growth – that could almost have been written by the IMF.

    It will be argued here that, while some of these charges are misplaced, the neo-liberal charge is uncomfortably near the truth. But also that all is far from being lost from a left-wing perspective. It is perfectly possible that Scotland will achieve independence soon, given that the break-down, and break-up, of the UK is a likely outcome of the Brexit shambles. If Scotland does gain independence, the state would in the event have to play a much more active, and a much more radical, role than the growth commission envisages.”


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