Anything even relatively positive you can tell us? No?

I know, how about:

Lowest new infections rate, by some way?

Lowest death rate?

Most vaccinated?

One of lowest R numbers?

Only place with hospital admissions falling?


Who is responsible for this?

Where does the buck stop?

12 thoughts on “Anything even relatively positive you can tell us? No?

  1. It took me a bit, but eventually found the lead article now renamed as “Covid in Scotland: Businesses warn they need ‘extraordinary’ support” listed 36 minutes ago. same picture buried beneath a pile of sports pieces, “Looming lockdown a “hammer blow” for business” obviously edited following a call to Rt DisH Sarah from Patsy “Absolutely Laxd” conveying “it’s too strong dahling”…
    Must be nice to know your blog is well followed at Propaganda Quay..

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  2. Bad news for England is catastrophic news for Scotland. Agenda, remove all ‘hope’, instil fear, tar with same brush as the herd immunity government in England.
    Scotland’s democratically elected government are silenced, anything they do FOR Scotland to alleviate the terrible EngGov cuts to the most vulnerable is either ignored, or twisted round to be portrayed as very bad. These daily rags have a lot to answer for.
    Not only are the BritNats dragging Scotland down, they are pushing Scotland’s head under the water constantly. There’s only one way off the sinking ship.

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    1. “Not only are the BritNats dragging Scotland down, they are pushing Scotland’s head under the water constantly. There’s only one way off the sinking ship.”
      Are you referring to HMS OfuckNotAnotherLeak ?

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  3. Jokingly it is time for the sake of our health and our wealth we declare UDI,We must do it in a way The World will recognise hence the joke

    Very soon no sane country in the world
    Will let Any UK passport through their borders
    England knew about this in September
    And Iceland who are the most efficient genome mappers globally
    Informed WHO of the high importance of very careful genome analysing and follow up of new strains with strict test,track,trace and isolate of any new dangerous strain
    And the clown Boris says on live TV broadcast last night That UK was the best in the World at genome work
    Further more he also stated they only became aware of this highly infectious mutant strain

    M.Hancock stated live on Sky news this morning they were aware from early September of this mutation and in conjuction with the advice of Iceland
    It is bloody obvious once more Boris is still very far from following the science
    He is a blatant irresponsible buffon
    Error after Error and all to keep the mad dogs
    Of the ERG members of his party at bay

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  4. This is the problem.
    No matter how well Scotland performs, the BBC will manipulate statistics to “prove” the opposite. Aided and abetted by our colonial print media.

    The solution?
    Scots would NOT be 58% in favour if independence if they still believed in the endless lies, Boris adulation, and free DRoss airtime, colonial control of broadcasting gives you!
    In the USSR no one believed Pravda.
    In East Germany the press was reviled.
    Scotland has to dump the BBC, Hootsmon, Herod, Torygraf, and all the rest of the State agitprop outlets.
    We believe in you, John.

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    1. Yes the BBC do not educate us any more, if they ever did. Neither do they entertain us to any acceptable standard. I dread to think what they will be producing for hogmanay.
      If any of your readers feel the same their may be some hope on the horizon. I have just finished watching ‘Ceilidh in the care home’ on
      Excellent Scottish music and entertainment by traditional musicians from all over brought together to perform through zoom i think.


  5. Everyone is cut off.
    Now the Continent is cut off, not with fog, but with no links to the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany and France in the mix etc.
    Alas, the wondrousness that is England is now out if bounds for much of the world. We can only look through the glass, and envy the Johnson-led society as it flip-flops and girates through every conceivable mistake any Etonian bunch of misanthrobes could expect—we are born to rule, not govern” as any Simple Simon would know.

    Ah, England on its lucky, lovely own some. No more Froggies, Jerries or Tallies. No Jocks, Taffies or Paddies. The vulgarity of the unfortunate non-Anglos.
    Boris was a Turk, Cameroon a Jock and Major a circus Gypo. But NEARLY English, so OK.

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    1. “Now the Continent is cut off ..”

      BBC News is reporting that a number of European countries – countries that are EU member states – are closing their borders to ‘traffic’ from the UK.

      In order to exert such control over borders unilaterally, must they have relinquished their EU membership – and so quickly? Or could it be that a nation state’s ultimate control of its border continues to exist even within the EU despite what we have been told by Brexiteers?

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  6. Well, well John, it’s now back on front page Scotland with a new title “Businesses call for “extraordinary” lockdown support, 2 hours old, different front pic of a shopfront, open it and voila same pic as your original post, presumably same spiel, stopped reading most of their rubbish.
    Odd that despite all that money thrown away down south from licences Propaganda Quay resort to recycling the same story twice in one day, what’s next for BBC Scotland innovation, Glenn Campbell with an honest script ? 🤣

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  7. The BBC News website’s article on its ‘Scotland’ page today – the one under the headline “Covid in Scotland: Businesses warn they need ‘extraordinary’ support’ ” – is notable for a number of reasons.

    For background, it tells us that that the Scottish Tourism Alliance has sent a letter to the FM which is co-signed by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, UKHospitality and Scotland Food & Drink, wanting additional financial support for its sector in the light of further Covid-19 restrictions. The BBC tells us that this group of business organisations is demanding that: “‘an “additional upweighted extraordinary package of funding must urgently be identified from within the Scottish and UK budgets”.’

    So why ‘notable’?

    Firstly, despite a reference to ‘UK budgets’, we are NOT told if there has been a similar letter from this business group to the Westminster government.

    Secondly, one of the organisations is a UK-wide body – namely UK Hospitality. Its website indicates concern about the level of government support for its sector. However, the BBC article does NOT tell us if UK Hospitality has felt the need on behalf of its wider UK membership to write to the Westminster government over the same issue of support from ‘UK budgets’.

    Thirdly, an examination of the BBC News website’s pages variously for the UK, for England, for NI and for Wales today reveals NO mention of hospitality business organisations making demands of governments other than Scotland’s.

    What am I misunderstanding? Is it only in Scotland that a government’s actions are the target of this industry’s ire? Indeed, is it only in Scotland that trading is being limited further by a government’s actions? Are hospitality businesses in Scotland being disproportionately harmed when compared to their peers in England, NI and Wales? Does BBC Scotland know the answer to this question but is choosing to operate a ‘perspective black-out’?

    And given the characteristics of the public finances of the Scottish Government within this Union compared to the characteristics of the public finances of the Westminster government – the first severely limited, the second effectively unlimited – why is the action of this alliance (and the reporting by the BBC today) focusing just on an approach to the government – the Scottish Government – least able to find more money?

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