Boris closes the border with most of England

From the PM this afternoon:

Third, I’m afraid, we must look again at at Christmas. As Prime Minister it’s my duty to take difficult decisions, to do what is right to protect the people of this country. Given the early evidence we have on this new variant of the virus and the potential risk it poses, it is with a very heavy heart that I tell you we cannot continue with Christmas as planned…..Across the rest of the country, the Christmas rule allowing up to three households to meet will now be limited to Christmas Day only rather than the 5 days as previously set out.

So, unless you live very near the border and and plan a quick dash over and back in the same day, Christmas visits over the border are off!

13 thoughts on “Boris closes the border with most of England

      1. I was surprised that the assembled troops of the British Media (Scottish division, with a large number of English accents) did not make something of the border closure in their crass and churlish questioning.

        “There is no border, we are one country,” is a shibboleth of theirs.

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  1. After the outbreak of 28 cases in a Sidney suburb, on Wednesday I think, they’ve locked the suburb down and folk are not allowed out of their houses. Movement across internal borders is also being curtailed/stopped. They also have excellent track & trace and will get a grip of this as before. (from an Australian source)

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  2. Just witnessed the two extremes in public engagement. The first was simply tortuous from our PM someone who looked as if he had been dragged out of bed reluctantly, uncertain, unsure, bumbling and incoherent on many of the details that people need at times of crisis like this and the second from our FM assured, empathatic and most of all informative. I guess that in a nutshell is why they are polls apart in public trust and why many more Scots are beginning to believe we have a very able Government.

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  3. But,but I thought there was no border between us,I don’t how to copy the whole thing but do you remember this,

    ‘There is no such thing as a border between England and Scotland’, says Boris Johnson at #pmqs.
    The PM tells
    that talk of quarantine for people travelling to Scotland from other parts of the UK is ‘shameful.’

    The smirk on Bowie’s face makes you want to wipe it off and that is being kind.Someone could be able to let us see it on here I can’t.

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  4. The point is England had closed the border to Scotland and Wales. Not a murmur from the Union press that we one state with no borders. Two faced twats.

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  5. BBC R4 news this morning headlining that Police Scotland have confirmed that they will not be policing the border closure. Why is this UK headline news?

    The BBC are undermining the message of the First Minister. They are using their main news to effectively tell everyone it’s OK to go to Scotland. Completely the wrong message.

    They basically don’t care about Scotland at all.

    The biggest boost to Scotland after independence will be getting rid of the BBC. The health and morale of the country will improve instantly!

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    1. That’s the job of the B.B.C Donald, along with their fellow travellers in the M.S.M. They, the lot of them, are the Fifth Columnists operating in our midst. Denigrate Scotland, and its people, at every opportunity, and if one doesn’t exist, invent one.

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