Freeman praised as NHS Scotland vaccinates twice as many as NHS England

Health Secretary Freeman

Early results suggest that NHS Scotland has been ahead of the game in getting its vaccination programme rolling. That Unison guy and Sarah Smith were not available for comment but we hear that, that woman from Fife will be on Reporting Scotland to complain that her local GP’s phone is always engaged when she calls.

Alert readers will notice something odd about the above graph. Discuss below.

Why Russia and Canada?

Russia approved its own vaccine in August and Canada has reserved more doses than any other country.

14 thoughts on “Freeman praised as NHS Scotland vaccinates twice as many as NHS England

  1. Canada had large numbers of deaths in care homes which may be one reason for the large order of vaccines.

    This is from early research on the effect of covid19 across different countries. Large numbers died in care homes in New Zealand as well.

    “This updated report contains data from a larger number of countries and this shows that earlier suggestions (when data were available for fewer countries) that the share of all COVID-19 deaths who were care residents increases with the total number of deaths may not be a robust finding, as New Zealand and Slovenia, despite having had relatively small numbers of total COVID deaths, have had a large share of those deaths among care home residents (72 and 81% respectively)….

    …. For example, in Ontario, Canada, where the population in care homes now represent over 80% of deaths1 from probable cases of COVID-19 have led to a recent order by the provincial government for increased testing, beginning with care homes that are currently experiencing an outbreak2.”

    Click to access Mortality-associated-with-COVID-among-people-who-use-LTC-26-June-2020-1.pdf


  2. The UK received an initial batch of 800,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine from Belgium where it is being manufactured. Scotland received 65,000 doses from the initial 800,000 and started vaccinating on 8th Dec.

    Each person requires 2 doses therefore those 65,000 are enough for 32,500 people. The last figure that I saw was getting pretty close to that number but I have not seen anything about further deliveries from Belgium. Does anyone else know if batches are now being delivered on a regular basis from Belgium?

    The UK has bought 40 million doses from Pfizer but the expected delivery of 10 million before Christmas was scaled back to around 4 million because of production problems. So what is the situation with delivery now given the gridlock at the ports? Is the vaccine, if it is actually being delivered, being flown in? If it was being flown in I would have expected the media to be all over it.


      1. I had heard that too but not a cheap since. On Friday night Ch4 did a special half-hour programme about the Pfizer vaccine. Matt Frei fronted it. Not a word about continuing supply. Strange.


    1. The UK media are strangely silent on this topic. If you Google it, all you find is reports of shortages of the Pfizer vaccine elsewhere and mostly in the US .


  3. On GMS. Linda Bauld “we’ll be watching closely the daily vaccination rates”

    BBC (British Border Cross) radio . . . The FM has banned cross border travel. . . . . Police Scotland won’t be changing their tactics, there will be no road blocks.

    Surely if a government creates a law which effectivelly bans cross border travel it’s the police’s job to man the border.

    We’re frequently told the polis, police by consent. I do not see that consent being damaged by closing the border.

    This Blog has demonstrated that the 2nd wave was imported into Scotland. Therefore stopping cross border travel is effective in controlling the soread of the virus.

    In previous months Wales closed it’s border, Police Wales put up road blocks. . . . Seems to me that Police Scotland are letting Scots down.

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  4. Looking at the replies above I seem to have missed the point. I read the article not as a technical report on progress in dealing with Covid19. I read it as mocking our Scottish media in their fixation with reporting a negative slant on every aspect of life in Scotland…while ignoring anything positive.

    Our media would report the discovery of a cure for cancer as “hundreds lose their jobs”

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