Oh come on Tom, don’t bE AN OLD FOGEY!

I know, it’s hard but you are the real thing, not like Johnny come lately meeja profs like me or mere bean counters like Paterson or Lord Curtice of Cowcaddens,so keep the faith.

You’re wrong about the desire for another referendum. It’s there in poll after poll.

You’re not keeping up with the research on education. See this:


You’re wrong to suggest that ‘nearly half of the electorate remains stubbornly attached to voting No.’ See:

40% at worst.

Take a drink?

9 thoughts on “Oh come on Tom, don’t bE AN OLD FOGEY!

  1. Britnats will use lowest figures available for Scottish independence
    Britnats will use highest figures available for unionism

    It’s what they do
    They lie they distort they do exactly the opposite of what’s expected from a good journalist
    They’ve been bought

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  2. More bullying and gas lighting, the BritNats are telling Scotland’s people what they can and can’t do. I think the people of Scotland will make that decision and in fact they are clearly making their own minds up, Mr Devine! ‘Get used to it!’

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  3. C’mon. Tom is a GOOD GUY!

    We must believe we can do this, that we will do this and we will overcome the Brit Nat odds.
    We cannot afford to attack our own, or moan it’s taking too long, or whinge the majah is agin us—it IS agin us, but fuck them! Concentrate on US!

    I hope for a referendum in 2022, but as I have waiting for so long, then I can certainly wait another couple of years to make certain we get there!
    The Brits will sent EVERYTHING against us. There are fifth elements, infiltrators, sleepers who will come out the closet, with lies, fake news, smears and some of it will be true.
    Don’t be deflected. Independence overrides all of that.

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  4. I know that Professor Devine is a sincere Roman Catholic, but like all Catholics in Scotland he lives within Scottish culture and the Presbyterian pessimism is a part of that. So, I have always thought that, in Scotland, we have Calvinist RCs – i.e. there is a vengeful God and he does not like people getting too cocky and ,if they do, he will smite them.

    I am being flippant, of course, but, not entirely so. I have a lot of time for Professor Devine and he has played a major role in filling the huge gaps in our history as a result of the British narrative of the history we learned in school.

    So, what I think he is saying is, “We have not got over the line yet. Keep ypur eyes on the prize and be alert to the many nastinesses that the British Unionists will attack with.”

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  5. This is what Professor Devine, a supporter of Scottish independence it should be stated, said in The National last September about indyref1.

    “The 2014 vote, Devine said, “had a number of very positive features”…..
    …..Yet, he added “mistakes were also made.”

    “The economic and currency case advanced for independence was at best naive and at worst simply incredible, a sitting target for unionist and media attack on this most fundamental of issues where future livelihoods, employment, health, welfare and aspirations were all at stake.

    “It is likely that the next referendum will be held in very straitened global financial circumstances for all the reasons we know about.

    “Because of this gloomy background it is vital that those who advocate independence should treat the electorate with total respect and absolute honesty, not only with messages of hope and positive plans but also acknowledgement of the real and undoubted challenges which lie ahead and how they might in time be overcome.

    “Any alternative would fatally undermine any future campaign from the start.””


    Should we expect to see discussion of the Growth Commission Report on this blog in the light of Sir Tom’s opinion?


  6. Old fogey, my erse. It’s a wee pun.

    “My engagement in the Scottish independence referendum campaign before now has been restricted to impartial academic interviews. And although I’ve only come to a Yes conclusion over the last fortnight this has been a long journey for me. My preferred option would previously have been devolution maximus, but that’s not available. Moreover, even if there is not to be a Yes win, it’s imperative that the Yes vote is as high as possible in order to put pressure on the unionist parties to commit themselves to granting increased devolved powers, and as soon as possible thereafter.

    I’ve never been a member of a party and am still not, so my position does not indicate support for the SNP; it’s simply in favour of independence. The SNP just happens to be a significant force in the campaign. The Yes campaign is now a widespread movement and that’s encouraging for me.”


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