First sighting of vaccine chaos spinner

 Unison's Tam Waterson warned the building may have to be 'ripped down'
(c) The Sun

In August 2019, Tam Waterson of Unison, above, warned in the Sun:

HOSPITAL FEAR Union chief warns £150m Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital may have to be “ripped down” due to fatal safety flaws

The hospital opened last July.

Yesterday, he was in the Record with this:

Tam Waterson, chair of Unison’s health committee, said NHS boards only found out about the plan to take Pfizer doses into homes when Freeman told the media on December 3. He said: “The plan was to use the Pfizer vaccine for health staff and arrangements were put in place for booking people in. Then the Scottish Government said they wanted to transport the vaccine into care homes – and NHS boards had to change their plans. So, rather than say 10,000 vaccinations for staff, that was cut to 5000.

The headline was this:

Scotland’s covid vaccine ‘plunged into chaos’ as care home distribution announced

Really, ‘chaos?’ Wasn’t this a change of plan for the best of reasons when the experts realised they could break up the vaccine units into smaller ones and still keep them at the necessary ultra low temperatures long enough to get them into care homes where the oldest and most vulnerable are? Wasn’t it a good thing? A wee change, but chaos, really? Who said that? Just Tam?

Watch this space. There will be more.

Chaos as 90 year-old Fife woman has to wait longer for jag than 89 year-old living in Edinburgh.

Scandal as Sturgeon’s dad gets jag before Labour-voting neighbour!

11 thoughts on “First sighting of vaccine chaos spinner

  1. Lets see—shall we take a fridge full of vaccine to our old folks, many of whom lack mobility.
    Or–should we expect the sick the halt and the lame to come to hospitals, one by one?
    Apparently, Mr Waterson is all for the latter–anything else being “chaos”.
    Yet he is “chair” of Unisons health Committee.
    Be better asking the tea lady!

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    1. He is complaining that some elderly people are being vaccinated at the same time as his members and, because of the decision to ‘share’ the vaccine between care home residents and his members, his members will not be vaccinated in as great numbers as quickly as originally planned. So, he is, in effect saying, “ignore everybody else, gi’e it tae us first.”

      Probably, this man considers himself to be a socialist. I wonder if he has ever pondered on the great socialist mantra: “To each according to his needs, from each according to his ability.”

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  2. Isn’t there a Unison presence in England? What’s s/he doing about this? And could this have some bearing on what is happening in Scotland?

    “GP practices administering the first Covid vaccine must administer batches of 975 doses within 3.5 days, rather than the previously-suggested five days.

    This is due to MHRA regulatory requirements for handling the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, the BMA has explained.

    The news came as NHS England gave the green light for GPs to start to administer Covid vaccinations in the week commencing 14 December, with 280 GP sites expected to begin administering jabs next week.

    The Pfizer vaccine is delivered in batches of 975 doses, which need to be transported at -70C.

    NHS England had previously suggested GPs would have five days to administer the defrosted vaccine, however NHS England’s letter to GPs said it ‘can guarantee 3.5 days of vaccination following delivery, with storage at 2-8C’.

    And in an email to GPs on Saturday evening, BMA GP Committee chair Dr Richard Vautrey explained that this had been reduced due to ‘regulatory requirements’.

    He said: ‘Initial sites should receive a box of 975 Pfizer BioNTech vaccines on or close to 14 December.

    ‘Following the regulatory requirements set by MHRA, they will need to use the vaccine within 3.5 days, not the previously suggested five days, and so need to ensure patients are invited to attend within that timescale.’

    He added that vaccine stock is being ‘held back nationally’ to ensure it is available to admnister a second dose to patients 21 days after their first.

    Dr Vautrey also told practices taking part in the service that they will need to ‘re-prioritise and postpone other activities’ as vaccination teams will be unavailable for routine work.”


  3. ‘HOSPITAL FEAR Union chief warns £150m Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital may have to be “ripped down” due to fatal safety flaws.’

    How can a ‘Union chief’ retain any professional credibility after making such a public statement? Presumably by not being held to any sort of account for previous, ill-judged comments by a media that is only too happy to offer a public platform for negativity and scaremongering.

    Of course the problems with this building are to be regretted – and should not have happened – but they did happen and they have been resolved in relatively quick order.

    For perspective, see the sorry tale over many years – and still not over – of the Royal Liverpool Hospital. Now this truly is a flawed project!

    And so the new Sick Kids’ building was not ripped down after all! It is now up, running and doing its job. This is from NHS Lothian last September: “The first phase in the migration of Children’s Services from the historic facility at Sciennes took place in July 2020. This saw around three quarters of all Children’s outpatient services move, including fracture clinics, physiotherapy services and follow up appointments for patients who have recently had surgery.” And: ‘The Department of Clinical Neurosciences, also based in the new building, completed its move of outpatient and inpatient services in July 2020.”

    Earlier this month NHS Lothian announced that inpatient Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) will move to the new hospital in January 2021. The building is then due to be handed over to NHS Lothian at the end of January 2021 “when a period of commissioning will begin to install equipment, train staff and carry out final checks”.


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