Scottish Labour accuses SNP… why haven’t MORE people got the virus?

From one of the Tuskerati ‘Fergie goes to Holyrood’:

With Scottish Labour’s dwindling poll numbers, maybe they’re looking for a new angle to capture the attention of the public… so they’re asking serious questions as to why more people haven’t succumbed to COVID-19, and thus stretched NHS Scotland beyond its capacity so it had to use its overspill capacity in the Louisa Jordan field hospital.

Based on Richard Leonard’s woeful performance at FMQs on Thursday, pleading for Edinburgh’s restrictions to be lowered to let the virus spread maybe that age old proverb of Lord Foulkes’ is still reverberating around Scottish Labour…

But they’re doing it deliberately…!’

UPDATE at 09:57am

10 thoughts on “Scottish Labour accuses SNP… why haven’t MORE people got the virus?

  1. What would the Labour troughers have spent Scotland’s money on. They sent £billions back to Westminster, plunged Scotland’s councils into £billions of ‘debt’ with their PFI scam, and started closing down major hospitals. They really have not one iota of integrity, especially when it comes to Scotland’s NHS, infrastructure, and economy.
    Labour in Scotland take their orders from London, they are not even a ‘Scottish’ party, they dance to the tune of pretendy lefty London HQ’d Labour.

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  2. Another reason why British Labour are not the government in Scotland.
    Governments have to plan for contingencies,e.g. flood defences,in anticipation of certain events happening.
    Protecting people from harm is more important (for some) than scoring political points against your opponents.


  3. If healthcare capacity is breached death rates could move from approx 1% to 10%.
    The provision of spare capacity would seem to have been one of the more sensible decisions taken by the state. We should be celebrating the fact this extra capacity has not been required yet.

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  4. Not this old claptrap again, it has always been beyond stupid perspective, yet Labour et al insist on dredging it up, in the same way “You should never have bought that fire extinguisher… it’s never been used”.
    Pathetic nonsense to score cheap political points among the hard of thinking, Scots are not nearly so dumb as Labour would like…

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  5. Lord Foulkes has surfaced again to complain about the FM’s daily briefings. The Herald has a report about it in the paper today. He has apparently had a meeting with the new Director General of the BBC who arranged for him to meet the new boss of BBC Scotland.

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    1. Foulkes is really getting worried that his £300/day plus expenses might be coming to an end.
      Just another parasite that Scotland can live without.


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