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Things look bad in Germany. They’re going into lock down over Christmas. Makes you glad you don’t live over there?

BBC UK make a feature of checking out the Covid situation elsewhere, preferably where it seems bad, like the USA or Brazil with their crazy leaders, unlike ours.

On the TV broadcasts last night and on the website, we hear:

Germany is to go into a hard lockdown over the Christmas period as the number of deaths and infections from the coronavirus reaches record levels. Non-essential shops will close across the country from Wednesday, as will schools, with children to be cared for at home wherever possible. Chancellor Angela Merkel blamed Christmas shopping for a “considerable” rise in social contacts. The latest figures showed 20,200 more infections and a further 321 deaths.

Sounds awful doesn’t it? I guess they must have a lot more people infected, even dying than ‘we’ do?

Well, no:

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The infection rate in Germany, which was only half of that a month ago, has risen but it’s still a bit lower than in the UK where, as you know, family Christmas is still on.

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And the death rate which was only one third of that in the UK has risen but is still lower than the UK rate.

Will the team return to Germany in four weeks?

Graphs: Worldometers in


  1. Given the inevitability of a post- Christmas spike in cases I am wondering why the devolved governments are giving the virus a Christmas present. Why….? It is a bad idea say the experts

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    1. I agree, but……it is thought people would not adhere to family restrictions at Christmas, and might then ignore future attempts to limit contact.
      I have seen complaints from (Tory) commentators that the 5 days was not extended to include Hogmanay, so for some idiots, a little freedom is never enough.


  2. It’s all because Bozza threatened to send gunboats to patrol the seas. The ‘Jerries’ are feart of these British Jack Tars, who sank the Graf Spee and the Tirpitz. So, they are declaring a lockdown as an excuse for not going to see. As Corporal jones of Dad’s Army said, “They don’t like it up ’em.”


  3. I see this.

    “Visitors to 14 care homes will be offered faster Covid tests in a trial across five local authority areas.”

    And I see this.

    “Criticism of the Liverpool lateral flow testing pilot has focused on “false negatives”, but “false positives” are also a problem.”

    What’s going on? Why are we using these tests?

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