‘Shockwave of death’ more like

Another report from SBS (Selfish Bar Stewards):

A COVID-19 restrictions “wrecking ball” has cost Scotland’s self-catering holiday providers £265m since September. The alarming findings have sent what was described as a “shockwave of dismay” through the sector which is supporting the staycation boom and raised serious questions about the impact on the wider tourism sector vital to Scotland’s economy.

It beggars belief, to use ‘shockwave of dismay‘ to describe lost income for caravan and chalet owners.

Here’s a shockwave, a ‘tsunami of death‘ even, as our media love to describe it:

There had been around 2 500 deaths due to Covid by the end of September as the last tourists returned from overseas holidays and as the last UK ‘staycationers’ headed south. Soon after, infection rates began to climb and weeks later, the death rate followed. By the 10th of December, 4 000 had died as the infection spread into the older and more vulnerable.

Throughout July and early August, the infection rate was in single figures and the death rate was zero. Who can forget the First Minister’s relief as she announced day after day, that there had been no deaths in the last 24 hours?

Yesterday, the National reported the First Minister:

SCOTLAND’S second wave of coronavirus infections was caused largely by UK and international travel, according to a new report. Speaking as she revealed details of the report to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), Nicola Sturgeon said these journeys had “reignited” the virus after it had been suppressed. The First Minister said such risks were the reason why the Scottish Government recommended against non-essential travel outside of the country and for legal restrictions being in place to prevent people travelling between areas in level 3 and 4.


You have to wonder what these ‘business folk’ are thinking.

7 thoughts on “‘Shockwave of death’ more like

  1. And, we had BBC Scotland this week giving publicity to the CEO of Edinburgh Airport saying that the Scottish Government was ‘campaigning against the Scottish Tourist Industry’.

    The Scottish Labour trope this week has been that the SG is ‘discriminating against Edinburgh’. This was launched by Lisa Summers after the FM announced Edinburgh was to remain in Tier 3, when she framed her question in asking the FM to deny that Edinburgh was being discriminated against. This was then echoed by Leotard at Holyrood.

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  2. Makes me think we’re playing ‘wait and hope’ on lifting the restrictions over Christmas. Maybe gambling on people not taking up the offer? Doesn’t feel like a sensible game to be in.


  3. This is obviously only some of the self-catering community.

    Deciding that even although there were only 2 cases in Vienna, we’d skip the Easter Market, my daughter and I decided to book an AirBnb place on Skye. By the time the holiday approached, some self-entitled, footballing plonkers had decided that the rules about going to the pub didn’t apply to them. Aberdeen was locked down.

    It didn’t seem fair not to tell our hostess where we came from. She thanked us for telling her and said keep her posted but she’d rather we didn’t come if the restrictions hadn’t been lifted. The person who would have greeted us was in a high risk category, so thank you for not putting her at further risk.

    She changed the date several times so that we wouldn’t lose money by cancelling. She was taking quite a hit, but was more concerned that the virus didn’t spread. We’re now going next year instead.

    It’s good to know that not everybody in an industry that’s being as a load of whining, self-centred moneygrabbers is one. I truly sympathise with those who are watching their savings and hard work go down the drain and despise politicians and their tame mouthpieces for taking advantage of their misery.

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