Hospital-acquired Covid FIFTEEN TIMES more likely in some English hospitals!

Analysis by the Telegraph has revealed these shocking figures suggesting that the risk of catching Covid was much higher than in the community and much higher than in Scottish hospitals:

In Scotland, only 2% of Covid cases were definitely caught in hospital with 0.7% ‘probable’ and 0.7% ‘indeterminate.’

There was some variation across Scotland but the highest was Borders health board at 3.4% definite and 0.8% probable.

These events were in some ways predictable. NHS Scotland has had for some time a better record on hospital-acquired blood-poisoning (SEPSIS) and Norovirus outbreaks. See:

5 thoughts on “Hospital-acquired Covid FIFTEEN TIMES more likely in some English hospitals!

  1. Better watch out.
    Mark Smith will be out with his pitchfork and blazing torch’s gang to root out the anti-Englander bigots for reporting anti-Englander stuff.


  2. It is the usual misuse of statistics – quote a big number with no context, stick an exclamation mark after it and some ludicrous hyperbole like ‘shock’, ‘horror’, ‘shame’ …..

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  3. I remember when I was doing O Grade (Aye, O Grade – it was the early 1960s) Maths we did a section about the misuse of statistics and we had quite a good natured maths teacher who set us homework find examples of egregious misuse in the papers. There was a book “Use and Abuse of Statistics” Reichmann that appeared sometime back then.

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