I knew it. He’s the best the NO Campaign has

This tells us everything. The Labour Party has not one currently active politician who could credibly lead their campaign to save the Union. Think back only 7 years and, for all their obvious faults, they had a reasonable cluster of MPs and MSPs with experience at a senior level in Scottish and/or UK politics – Brown, Darling, Reid, Alexander, McConnell, Chisholm, McLeish.

There were even one or two Lib Dems and Tories with a bit of a reputation – Michael Moore, Annabel Goldie?

I know, non were that good but at least they had candidates. They have no one at all for 2021.

So, it’s a failed prime minister, a former chancellor who doubled UK debt, sold off the gold and famously claimed that he had saved the world by ending boom and bust just before he helped the trigger the monstrous bust of 2008 and, before that, in 2003, was complicit in and helped to fund the illegal war in Iraq. The blood is on his hands as much as on those of Blair and Campbell.

Have they even considered James Kelly? Or that guy who set fire to the curtains on his hotel room?

7 thoughts on “I knew it. He’s the best the NO Campaign has

  1. Brown and Darling in 2014—“Federalism, Home Rule, Deo Max.
    What came of them?—NOTHING. An empty void of Bullsh!t!
    Smith Commission—Scottish Labour fought tooth and nail against ANY further devolution.

    “Scottish” media—will any of them ASK Brown a single, relevant question?

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    1. I’m not sure if you can ask Brown a relevant question in relation to Scottish independence as the man himself is completely irrelevant on the topic.


  2. At least with the Tories,what you see is what you get,unlike some duplicitous Labour people.
    Few will believe anything Broon has to say in future,he is a discredited ex politician.

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  3. When you survey the field of the upcoming battle and in this instance take a close look
    At all the personnel of the opposition who shall be their commanders
    Then it is obvious it is a motely crew of has beens, liars,exposed well and truly as past failures and if you care to peek inside there tents you will see huddled in the corner a real parcel of self promoting career whipper snappers still wet behind the ears, in stinky nappies,c/w the better together dummy stuffed in their eagerly sucking lips
    But when you come to those amongst their bedraggled ranks inclusive of potential recruits from the world of entrepreneurs and showbiz etc.the same scenario pertains
    Not only has the Emperor hath no clothes
    The whole sorry pack of them lack any disecernable uniform of quallity
    All in All they are ill equipped to draw their broken blunted swords and make it a decent
    Even worse for them any who are worth their salt from the Junior ranks in a correct frame of mind would possibly lift the poisoned chalice
    That awaits their lips
    But all this tells us is
    1.They are well aware of what approaches them
    2. If not then it shall very quickly evident that
    They are were and truly ill equipped for battle
    Fully expect every filthy dirty trick in the book
    And the unleashing of Pre prepared plans from their most darkest of forces
    From our side with both the aged to the enthusiatic youth we shall overcome their treacherous methods
    Are the other side up for a fight to the Death
    Are we Without doubt YES
    Free man stand or Free man fall


  4. Shirr Keir Starmer was to outline his “new” devolution proposals, but has now chickened out—because of Jo Anderson????
    Apparently this was mainly about devolving powers to the “North” (of England), rather than fulfilling his namesakes ambition (Keir Hardie wanted Dominion status for Scotland, and would never have accepted a Knighthood).
    It is in line with the years of waffle Scots have had to endure from this huckster party, so no surprise there.
    We know that Shirr Keir wants to dump Leotard and replace him with the anti-devolutionists preferred by “Union Jock” Murray.


  5. Wonder what Mick McGahey would make of SLAB and Brown, and Brexit. . . . . The Yoons word of the day is “Sovereignty”
    If Mick were alive today I imagine he might say. . . .

    “You can’t eat Sovereignty”

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    1. You can eat sovereignly say us
      And they would retort
      And you can eat cake
      Then we could build guillotines in response
      And that my dear fellows is indeed
      Now who shall eat what
      Your choice


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