What Scotland did not need to learn

Once more, another ‘Scottish’ health correspondent with their gaze directed away, reveals their ignorance.

In the Herald today:

AS parts of Scotland exit Level 4 restrictions tomorrow, it’s worth considering what these measures achieved – and how long any gains might last. Across Scotland, the average number of Covid cases being detected each day – at 691 – has returned to levels last seen in early October.

The writer correctly draws our attention to the fatal, literally, mistake made by the Labour Government in Wales to think that a two week ‘firebreak’ starting on 23rd October followed by a return to more relaxed rules on November 9th, would work.

The consequences have been awful:

The infection rate over the last 7 days in Wales, 3 660 per million, is more than three times higher than in Scotland, at 1 026 per million. The infection rate in Wales began to rise a few days after the end of their ‘firebreak’ and has since soared out of control.

The percentage testing positive is a staggering 17% compared to only 4.3% in Scotland. Over 5% according to WHO means out of control.

Notice Scotland’s steady fall in infection rates over the same period? It had actually begun to diverge from the trend in Wales much earlier:

From October 16th, the infection level in Scotland began to ‘plateau’ before beginning the current steady decline in early November.

Is it possible that the Scottish Government had learned itself, what to do, long before the dramatic reinforcement offered by Wales?

On the 7th October, Lothian, Lanarkshire, Forth Valley, Ayrshire & Arran and Greater Glasgow & Clyde were put into ‘temporary measures’ for 16 days before then having them mostly continued as ‘Level 4’ until 11th December but before that, action had been taken in the most affected areas.

On the 7th September, restrictions on meetings in indoor household settings were extended to people living in Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire. They had already been in place in Glasgow and Lanarkshire from the 2nd September.

And now, as 11 areas come out of Level 4, they enter Level 3, to howls of protest from pub owners platformed across our opposition media, does anyone paying attention to what is and has happened in Scotland, think the Scottish Government can learn much from looking at Wales?

4 thoughts on “What Scotland did not need to learn

  1. ‘Dogwhistling’, perhaps? Wales is a small country like Scotland and the experience of Wales shows what can happen when small countries think they are good enough to do things for themselves.

    The fact that you have juxtaposed Scotland’s experience for comparison and indicating how well Scotland has done by comparison, is to be ignored, because what is happening in Wales is what COULD happen in Scotland!

    It COULD happen in England, France, Australia, Norway, Vietnam, anywhere as a result of bad judgements. But the BritishNationalist trope is that Scotland, by its nature, is incapable of good judgements. As the hapless Johan Lamont said, ‘We are not genetically programmed to rule ourselves.’ Ergo – QED,

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    1. Lamont said re HER country, Scotland, ‘we are not genetically programmed to make political decision’. Utterly disgusting, is she still taking a huge wage from the public purse? She is not capable of making political decisions of any sort.

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  2. Short of herd immunity through mass vaccination,the only thing that contains the spread of the virus is lockdown.
    Unfortunately,governments have to balance that against the downside of economic and other health issues.
    The people who want restrictions lifted will be the first to complain when the virus starts to spread again and lockdown has to resume,which it will.
    Better slow and steady than boom and bust.

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  3. All this is not rocket science
    If you have a fundamental basic understanding of how this virus manages to spread
    Then as a decision maker you are confronted with some awful consequences in both health and economic terms if you ignore or attempt to mitigate once you are in receipt of the relevant data
    Every wrong or diluted decision WILL be seized upon by this virus as evolution and nature over millions of years has well and truly equipped it to do so and seize every opportunity that it comes across
    Tis not intelligence the decision maker requires
    It is one of having a wise,open and compassionate mind that shall make the wisest of conclusions
    And in such Nicola not only fits the bill
    But is also most aptly equipped in areas of leadership and communications to steer a course for the Ship of State to arrive at a safe haven,.maybe battered and bruised but most certainly repairable and when modified more than fit to take to the calmer waters on its journey
    All whilst Boris is indeed Captain Pugwash
    And His Ship of Fools shall never ever again glide through the waters into the bright azure blue horizon as the sun rises upon its bow
    Whilst a simple little pencil placing a cross into a box upon a ballot paper is the most powerful of tools as to who shall have the hands upon the rudder

    No need to tell you where to place your pencil
    As you enter the polling booth in May 2021

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