Where is that ‘Tsunami of cancer deaths?’Has the pandemic saved lives too?

As often before here, I’m asking a question rather than in any definitive way, answering one but the claim by Monica Lennon was being made across the media in July so where are even the first signs of a swell in numbers?

Coronavirus has killed directly, in the thousands, as you can see from these graphs but where’s the evidence that the postponement of other treatment has, 9 months later, caused any significant swell in the level of excess deaths?


Other than the direct coronavirus deaths, the overall death rate has often been lower than in recent years.

A report from New Zealand triggered this report:

Taranaki Daily News 7th December 2020

I know, it’s complex, so over to you dear readers.

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10 thoughts on “Where is that ‘Tsunami of cancer deaths?’Has the pandemic saved lives too?

  1. Labour have used this tactic since I was a child ….a long, long time!
    This hospital is closing, this ward is closing, this school is closing, this train station is closing, this etc, etc is closing.

    The headline is grabbed and nobody ever notices that it never actually happens but if they do…
    The usual Labour line when challenged is “Our campaign saved/prevented the …. Insert original false claim”

    The experts in dirty politics are Scottish Labour.

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    1. Yep, Labour and Tories make sure to get disaster impending ‘news’ out about what’s going to be shut down (by them) or reduced or ‘reformed’ and it’s 100% bad. Then a few days later, they don’t so much redact but
      they put out ‘news’ that phew it’s only going to be cut by 70% instead of a hundred aren’t we great vote for us not to totally (deliberately) take a wrecking ball to everything you hold dear. Though so far it doesn’t seem to apply to the NHS…that’s just being cut and not talked about in the so called media, dismantled right under the noses of the people in England.
      Somebody is taking the electorate for fools.


  2. John,I don’t know if you watch Country File,not often Scotland is featured but it was last night but not in a very good light,It was about salmon farms and the disease in them,Joe Crowley really going to town on it but Tavish Scott ex Lib/Dem “not a fan” did not agree with Crowley and his figures.
    Do you remember when the One Show was pulled up regarding the time of independence is this the start of other BBC shows running down Scotland.

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    1. Scott,
      I saw the piece you mentioned and like you I thought they were really talking it down big-time. This was strange considering that Scottish Salmon is the UK’s No. 1 food export. Something that was mentioned at the start of the piece. Tavish Scott did ttry to give a more balanced view.

      There are problems in the farmed salmon sector but they are being addressed which you would expect given its economic importance. Is it a sign of how desperate they, the BBC et al, are to run down Scotland that they would trash an economically viable industry in pursuit of that aim and in the process shoot themselves in both feet?

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      1. Interesting indeed, of course they will talk down the Scottish salmon and other major money making industries. Maybe ‘Country File’ could do a wee snippet about the Flow Country up in Caithness, it’s vast peat bog, 10 metres deep, and a massive CO2 store for UK and in fact Europe. It’s only partly protected and much is owned by the Eng RSPB, and the EngGov refuse to ‘approve’ the application for WHS. I wonder why, mind you they did drain masses of it and planted tons of pine trees (very bad for the life of the whole area, and not very good for wood either) in the 70/80’s as a tax evasion scheme for the Eng. rich, and celebs!’ Grr.
        ‘Country File’, should be called Tory ‘File’.

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