I don’t ‘LOVE’ Scotland. There, I’ve said it.

To the tune of ‘We don’t care what what the liber–als say. What the hell do we care? Coz we only know there’s gonna be a show and the Ing—er—land will be there……killing all the lo—cals!’ Mark E Smith trumpets:

I love England. And the English. I love the place, and the people. I love its past, and its present. I love its great politicians and its great heroes. I love its cities, and towns, and villages. I love its greatest performers and its greatest artists: the comedians who’ve made me laugh and the musicians who’ve made me sing. I love the English countryside, and I love English culture, and I love it because it’s familiar and familial. I love England, and the English, and I will never be ashamed to say it. I realise, of course, that some of you may be feeling a bit awkward by now, or irritated. You may find this expression of love from a Scotsman, this naked Anglophilia, hard to take. It’s not common or usual for Scots to express a love for England. It is more usual to express hate, dislike or distrust and we do it in pubs and stadiums and, dare I say it, in Scotland’s Parliament. Scotland, for obvious historical reasons, has a problem with Anglophobia and if you don’t think that’s true, you may be part of the problem.

Way to get the readers Mark. I’m part of a problem? I am, but maybe not the one you’re thinking of.

I’ve often thought and said how much I’ve got out of the many English singers, bands, writers, painters – Blake, Turner, Billy Bragg, the Who, Small Faces, Kinks, Smiths, Cure………but, maybe it’s because I’m a bit repressed, I haven’t made such a fuss about it?

I love Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen but don’t love Canada.

I love Randy Newman, Marvin Gaye, Phillip Roth and Bob Dylan but don’t love the USA.

I had three English aunties and my mum spent the War years in Derbyshire. Neither of us love England.

I love quite a few folk living here and some places are magical but I don’t love Scotland either.

I tend not to love whole countries or every single person living there. Is it a bit weird of Smith to be saying this?

Scotland has a lot of foul-smelling history – extreme poverty, bloody wars, rape, pillage etc and then there’s the part our lads have played in England’s story. Let’s not go there. You know. Not quite as chillingly clinical as Nazi Germany’s interlude but longer and more deadly in more places.

I suppose it’s just adolescent attention-seeking and clickbait from Mark England Smith but didn’t he write that he hates flags? ‘The Saltire makes me cringe?’

The story seems to have disappeared. How long will this one last?

15 thoughts on “I don’t ‘LOVE’ Scotland. There, I’ve said it.

    1. Or even you can be an internationalist. The rabid British Nationalists wherever they reside are the problem, because their nationalism is about ethnicity and is based on arrogance and self importance.

      As has been pointed out at Westmonster, the SNP are the S. National. Party, not ‘nationalist’ which is what the British Nationalists say, deliberately. An attempt to portray the SNP as racist as the BritNats are themselves, when quite the opposite is true.

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  1. I like England. I like the people of England. I have lived and worked in England–my daughter lives and works there now.
    But unlike Smith, my liking for England goes not make me wont to be ruled by their choice of government (mostly right-wing, libertarian, xenophobic, neocon, proto-fascist),.
    And unlike Smith, my liking for England does not make me a Scotophobe.

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  2. John, I am busy today – I don’t have time to go over to his house, elsewhere in the village, and console poor wee Mark for his hurt feelings.

    But, give the boy his due, he’s making a strong case for, when Gannet makes its next round of cuts, being one of the ever-decreasing band of Herald journos kept on. Which means, toeing the party line of SNP Baaaddd!

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  3. People in England do not want Westminster Tory unionist rule. Or oppose Independence and democracy for Scotland. If Scotland gets better off so does it’s neighbours.

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    1. No, they choose the government they vote for in England, otherwise in Dec. 2019 the election would have had a different outcome.
      They also choose the government which Scotland does not choose, for
      Scotland. That is where the whole stinking rotten to the core so called union, is a dysfunctional unequal colonial throwback.
      Time for Scotland to be independent, move forward, and leave England to keep on choosing their own government, for their own country, not that of their next door neighbour. That scenario seems like a win win for all concerned quite frankly.

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  4. I suppose love of one’s country might involve empathy for and willingness to change the plight of the poor and most disadvantaged. If so, Smith does not love Scotland (as far as I can tell) and John does love Scotland

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  5. Nothing against the people of England except for the governments they continually inflict on us,or more importantly,the economic and political policies that are inappropriate for Scotland.
    We are not One nation,one country and even most of the independence doubting Scots realise that.
    However,for those people,devolution has reached the end of the road and it is now a binary choice between England Tory rule or independence.

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  6. ‘Scotland, for obvious historical reasons, has a problem with Anglophobia’

    Is this a new version of the Gaia hypothesis.

    But worst article i have come across today was from the Guardian (i bet i can guess which are the Carrell bits)
    compared with what i thought was a well written piece in The Times

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    1. Thanks for the latter link. It brought this to my attention:

      The Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints will meet at 10:15am 8 December, 2020. The Committee will take evidence from Peter Murrell, Chief Executive of the SNP. Will be available on Scottish Parliament TV.


  7. Smith’s columns are essentially clickbait. I would not be surprised if he licks his lips in anticipation of the outraged comments below his pieces. However, I’d hope that most people would recognise what he does and ignore him altogether or respond in a reasoned way that denies him the satisfaction of outrage.


  8. “Scotland, for obvious historical reasons, has a problem with Anglophobia and if you don’t think that’s true, you may be part of the problem” sets the false pivot.
    Appreciation of a people or a country is normal, Scots have no reason to dislike England or the English or anywhere or anybody else really, but England’s love affair with the Tories has a lot to answer for north of the border.
    Markee Smith is only couching the “you want independence because you hate the English” bunkum, his problem, not ours…


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