After 9 months There is no sign of cancer death tsunami

From Pete Whitehouse, Director of Statistical Services at the National Records of Scotland on 2nd December: 

Excess deaths from all causes began to increase in October, but this is almost entirely due to the corresponding rise in COVID-19 deaths. Deaths from causes such as respiratory diseases and cancer are below average levels for this time of year.

I hesitate to say this but is much cancer treatment ineffective?

3 thoughts on “After 9 months There is no sign of cancer death tsunami”

  1. There is a “cancerous” presence in the body politics in Scotland
    Labour, Tory and the Dumbs, conspire to to inspire fatigue, dismay and insecurity in our small, proud country.
    That is without mentioning the dreadful media that operates in Scotland.
    Forget cancer—a plague on the lot of them!

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  2. The Tories are disappointing. Hopefully disappearing.
    Labour the only Party that did not supporting MUP.
    Complaining about premature death.


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