BBC Scotland and the Herald today

Far be it from me to blow my own trumpet, but….

BBC Scotland have reported on care home deaths:

  • Mentioning the corporate-owners HC-One
  • Revealing their failed infection-control inspection report
  • Not mentioning the Scottish Government.

The Tusker did this first on May 12th reporting on the care home deaths in Skye:

To my knowledge that’s a first for BBC Scotland.

Every care home report we’ve done has this kind of information.

Then, the Herald publish the above praising the Scottish IVF system and comparing it with the appalling neglect in England.

The Tusker has been reporting on this in the context of their service busting targets constantly, against the background of media silence, most recently in August of this year:

But, in December 2017, maybe earlier, The Tusker‘s predecessor, Thought Control Scotland had this:

Meanwhile The Tusker‘s readership falls. What must we do?

10 thoughts on “Catching-up?

  1. First of all don’t despair and don’t give up
    Keep on highlighting good things happening in Scotland – the bits other reporters seem to “miss”
    Keep on debunking some of the worst offending articles
    Avoid personal attacks unless irresistible – it’s refreshing not having to hear about deeply divided factions and the failings of our all too human politicians of all parties
    Remember that the people open to changing to indy support don’t fall into extreme camps at either end – calm, balanced and factual articles are much more likely to change minds than rabble rousing and nit picking
    Don’t change sites again – it took me a while to find you after your first change
    And, if needs be, take the odd break – it will all still be here when you come back 🙂

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  2. What amazes me is that you say that your readership is falling. How can that be? Your site is essential to combat the drivel, I’m being polite, we are subjected to from a mostly, corrupt, M.S.M.
    I have said this to you before, some years ago, please keep up the good work John. For the likes of me, who will be going around the doors in 2021, the rebuttals of their fake news are essential.

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  3. Sorry for changing the subject while you are blowing your own trumpet John (far from it 😉 )! It’s just that it’s a wee conference by Tim Rideout’s currency group has been arranged for 10.45am tomorrow (Sunday the 29th) – it’s on Hopin which I’ve tried out once and seems fine (not like zoom with a big wall of faces) – and I know some that read your blog may be interested:

    (Link to Tim’s tweet that links to registration on the blog, this iPad doesn’t really do Twitter any more)


  4. This is the only reliable website for up to date information showing how the Westminster supporting cabal lie to and trick the Scottish people.
    I am very suspicious of falling visitors to this website how can it be , I would say that there is interference from outside by some organisation .
    I do believe that once the election campaign starts in a few months time this website will be inundated with visitors and comments .

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  5. I’m beginning to wonder if the fall in readership – from the spike earlier in the year, I’m sure not overall – is actually to do with the focus on health, which John has always done more or less, so isn’t a change: for a spell there huge numbers of people were suddenly interested in health,,, but that interest has now waned? … I’m not sure whether or not to be a bit worried about that, if it’s a factor!


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