A better reality check: ICU numbers falling


BBC Scotland’s Magazine Health Correspondent, Lisa Summers, has a passion for suffering.

If you watch Reporting Scotland Down too much, you’ll be suffering from low mood. I can’t do it any more and rely on friends of The Tusker to alert me to their worst excesses.

With her trusty camera operator, Summers has given us a series of interviews with tearful sufferers, where she gets them to talk and, if possible, sob about their suffering.

However, her job isn’t to make us greet too but to inform us about the reality of life across Scotland’s hospitals and other health settings.

This report suggests that we’re not grasping the true awfulness of the situation in ICU wards and we need a ‘reality check.’

To that end, she interviews two patients, one nurse and one doctor to help construct a darker reality for us.

I don’t know about you but my reality checks need a bit more, some statistics maybe?

Just over a month ago, BBC Scotland’s Steven Brocklehurst offered us this:

In a piece titled Covid: Are hospitals in Scotland close to capacity? we saw that the pressure on ICUs was not even near the baseline never mind the surge capacity and Dr David Chung said:

Thankfully ICU doesn’t appear to be under the same pressure from Covid.

Yes, but that was a month ago, things must be worse now? No. See:


Well, there were 111 in ICU in early November but only 80 yesterday and the total has been less than 100 since November 11th, more than two weeks ago.

I’m finding that reality a bit more convincing and reassuring.

Reassuring? Someone won’t like that.

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8 thoughts on “A better reality check: ICU numbers falling

  1. I wonder what she’d be writing if Scotland was in same situation as England, and say, if a BritNat party was at the helm at Holyrood, running the SNHS into the ground, as Labour started to do in their ten years of totally wasting Scotland’s money. L. Summers would be reporting how Scotland’s tears and sobbing could be heard from space right now, or rather I mean she would be writing fairytales to avoid the ‘reality check’ of the horrors of BritNats wrecking more lives for their own profit. Misleading the people of Scotland, she’ll go far in BritNatland.


    1. If lib lab were in charge she would be writing ( if it was featured at all ) about the heroic efforts of our SNHS, cuts to our block grant from a Tory westminster had caused serious underfunding issues( lots of hand wringing ) but our gallant nurses and Doctors were their best with limited resources. Only a Labour gov in Westminster can save us, vote labour, end of party political broadcast.

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  2. If you watch Reporting Scotland Down too much, you’ll be suffering from low mood. I can’t do it any more.
    Or me, I haven’t watched any Scottish News programmes for years, I value my mental health to much.

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  3. I wonder how the people of Japan felt when soldiers, hiding out in the jungles of Asia for 30 years after the second word war, were discovered.

    I suspect they feel very much like us, watching the endless parade of “victims” on the evening news on Repressing Scotland.

    The BBC that operates in Scotland, is now less well regarded than pretty much anywhere else in the UK.
    Its not hard to see why. Their contempt for their audience is reflected back at them!




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