Musson gets his facts wrong again

Fresh from misintepreting the contact tracing times and setting the opposition attack dogs loose, the Sun’s Chris Musson isn’t strictly wrong, in the numbers, but wrong in the meaning they have for us.

Yes, there are more people in Scottish hospitals than there were in July. Yes, there are more in ICU and yes there are more picking up Covid in hospital but, hey, Chris:

What’s the percentage?

How many were community onset?

How does it compare?

Here, I’ll do it for you:

200 or 2.6% of the cases were maybe caught in hospital up from 189 or 2% the previous week.

7 344 or 93.6 were caught in the community.

In NHS England, one month ago when infection was lower, 17.6% of Covid cases were hospital-acquired infections and in the North West, 25%!


The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections

7 thoughts on “Musson gets his facts wrong again

    1. Apologies, the outbreak reported by the BBC was at a Care Home in Bishopbriggs. It had been recently inspected and classed as weak.


  1. Musson is obsessed with EXCLUSIVEs to his name, almost all of which over the last 10 months he has demanded at Covid Update as his alter-ego “Perma-Angry-Man”, got a full answer and explanation, which he promptly ignored aside the obligatory “allegedly” attached to a selected quote which doesn’t damage his constructed “scandal”.

    Frequently these are blatant diversions from blowups in England, a more abrasive version of MIS-Reporting Scotland, eg The Care-Home tragedy only happened in Scotland, PPE was a purely Scottish problem, only Scottish hospitals are overloaded, the list goes on and on.

    Nosocomial infection will always worry clinicians, Scotland’s stellar infection control system got that way by always questioning, but expecting is nonsense, as is Musson’s “EXCLUSIVE”.
    To scare the shit out of folks waiting on an op so you can sell a story is not just immoral, it’s malicious.

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  2. Musson is swivel eyed always questioning Scottish government and Nicola sturgeon with the attitude you have something to hide and I’m going to find out what it is , over and over he does the same thing , makes accusations that prove to be incorrect , he never apologises and never corrects himself because he is quite happy to be incorrect given that in U.K. the newspapers get away with putting corrections on a middle page weeks or months later on a page in tiny writing where it’s easily missed. The damage of the lie done.


  3. Genuine newspaper headline…..”Hitler’s bomber found on moon”!
    From the Sunday Sport, but it could have been from any “Scottish” paper—though it would be “Sturgeon’s Bomber……………….”


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