Dog food salesman and two leading coiffurists don’t identify SNP weakness with baby research!

Fresh from welcoming his two new recruits to These Islands, the softer kinder version of Scotland in Union, because you’re worth it, Kevin Hague is in the Herald with this:

What’s his evidence? Focus groups carried out by These Islands, him that is.

You remember focus groups? Dominic Cummings loves them and used them to get ideas for his Leave Campaign slogans. Back in the 90s, Tony Blair and his chums used them to articulate the ‘Middle Way’ which is now just ‘Blairism.’

They’re great.

They do give you ideas about what might resonate with folk in the ‘real world.’

But they don’t tell you how common an idea is among the folk out there you can’t say, as Hague does, that support for independence depends on ‘near blind faith in Nicola Sturgeon.’ The polls tell us that she is popular but I’ve seen no research repeating Hague’s claims.

There is a recent poll confirming that Scots want more control, regardless of who their leader would be. Survation for Progress Scotland surveyed 2 093 and found that 73% agreed with this statement:

Control over all decisions affecting people in Scotland should be made by the Scottish parliament/government, regardless of which political party is in power.

You’d think Professor Shaw, above, would advise. Her bio in These Islands says:

Professor Katy Shaw is Director of Cultural Partnerships and leads research into 21st century writings at Northumbria University. She has published extensively on contemporary British literature, especially genre fiction, and contributes journalism to several national publications. She is a public intellectual, literary festival host, media presenter and Twitterer.

Impressive. She’ll know all about quantitative research methods.


7 thoughts on “Dog food salesman and two leading coiffurists don’t identify SNP weakness with baby research!

  1. The assumption by most of the unionists is that the UK state is the norm and that once people get over the Covid pandemic and our FM’s excellent handling of it,we will return to the fold/pen.
    Their problem with that is once people see the real benefits of having your government in your own country,democratically accountable to you,then there is no going back to London rule,especially by England’s incompetent Tories.
    HM government can damage your health.

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  2. “Yer too poor–Woof!
    Yer too Wee–Woof!
    Yer too, um, wit ever it is–Woof!

    I got in the Herod, and on Radio 4, so Woof, Woof!

    I talk mince, but the Brit Nits on the mejah–they lurv it!



  3. Today 0905hrs on ration LBC they discuss Whiity,s comment that although there is no law against it you shouldn’t hug your Gran at Christmas because it would be too dangerous.

    So LBC say they will go out and about in London and seek views from the general public and ask if they agree with Whitty.

    They broadcast 4 people asked the question will you be hugging your Gran at Christmas if you visit.
    The four responded two said they will not be hugging and two said they definitely will be hugging their elderly Gran.
    Keeping in mind this was supposed to be randomly chosen members of the public … London ……how many million people ?

    Of the four
    Two were Scottish
    And yes you guessed it…the two who said they WILL BE HUGGING were the Scottish ones !!

    I wonder how many hundreds they interviewed to get that two
    Or…maybe they knew these people before they ( randomly ? ) came across them….stationed and primed at a pre-arranged location


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