First signs of death rate falling

I don’t think there is a statistic I’ve been hoping for more.

Within the last hour the First Minister was able to announce:

244 of those deaths were registered over the last week. That is actually 35 fewer than in the week before and that is the first decrease in the weekly number of deaths that we have seen since the end of September.

Still far too many deaths and too soon to be over-optimistic but seven-day figures are quite a reliable sign of a trend so we can take a little comfort, at least.

The Scottish Government strategy begun now months ago with measures in Glasgow and the surrounding regions, is working.

As with the death rates, the infection level has fallen now for nearly 3 weeks, from a 7 day average of 1 202 new cases per day on the 7th to 974 yesterday.

Stick in, everyone.

Will BBC Scotland or the Herald use the same headline? Will they report this news?

8 thoughts on “First signs of death rate falling

  1. In comparison England given the very high infection rate over the last 2 weeks
    Are beginning to suffer the terrible consequences now in the form of dissprotionate pro rata ratios regards Scotland
    I.E. hospital, ICU admissions on the up and all leads to more needless deaths
    Globaly Scotland is 23rd in world tables on deaths
    Whilst England 5th highest / million
    Even Norway is now experiencing higher infections, Hospital & ICU admissions and deaths
    So this demonstrates quite clearly that the 2nd wave is strong
    Something once more England were forewarned off but dilly and dallied then belatedly implemented inadequate measures
    And we next door to them and the attendant
    Likely consequencies
    As in Norway they control their borders
    Effectively and despite the force of the 2 nd wave are still managing to keep the lid on as much as possible
    English deaths pro rata are now +1400 % higher than Norway
    And if you only take the data from September
    To demonstrate the effects of 2nd wave then the divergence between them goes OFF the scale
    Ah but what Independence not only may achieve but Actually does

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  2. If more people did this, it would really help.
    Why do people put masks on when entering a shop then, having touched
    surfaces, products etc others have touched, they take them off without washing hands when leaving the shop. I can’t get my head around that.
    Mass mask phobia.
    I wear a mask outdoors, not least because there is a constant flow of joggers (I don’t mean the trousers lol!) passing who do not distance, or on narrow pavements can’t, but they nearly always have mouths wide open, and out of breath so any outward breaths are stronger than someone walking past and within a metre of another person, that’s really not good. That’s my grump for today, urgently need to find a dentist, I will let you know if any are closed John!

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    1. Dentist appointment tomorrow no problem, I suspect they are quite quiet at the mo anyway, I was given a choice of times for appointment.
      So in fact it might be easier to access treatment quicker and easier than normally. 🙂


  3. The usual warning–Good news is no news, and Nikla Good news is no news at all!

    Close your eyes for a minute, and imagine—NO, not THAT–concentrate……….
    Imagine an SNP MP or MSP quit the party, citing policy differences.
    Now try to imagine the headlines next day, next week or next month.
    It would be the END–of Nicola, the end of the SNP and the end of The Dream!

    Now try to find any equivalent in today’s paper—a leadership candidate from 9 months ago quits!
    Big story? Nope—it’s a Brit Nat quitter, so hush, don’t wake the baby—tiptoe away! Pretend nothing happened.

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