Celtic countries do better

From the Tusker’s Epidemiology Correspondent, Brenda Steele

N Ireland1 in 135
Scotland1 in 155
Wales1 in 165
England1 in 80

This picture  was made from data in this publication:   https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/bulletins/coronaviruscovid19infectionsurveypilot/20november2020

Do you notice anything different about the picture in this tweet? 

This picture gives figures for all four component parts of the UK.  When the UK publishes data, Wales Scotland and Ireland are shown separately by country but England is always broken down into regions – not as a whole country figure.  That can be seen here https://www.travellingtabby.com/uk-coronavirus-tracker/

As the tweet says   

Devolved Celtic countries have performed much better than Westminster.

Is that what this way of publishing data is designed to obscure?

Does Westminster want the devolved Governments to be seen as regions rather than countries or provinces?

It might not work that well here in the UK,  but just take a look at this Reuters piece


Special Report: 50,000 COVID-19 deaths and rising. How Britain failed to stop the second wave

There is no mention anywhere of Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales at all

There is no mention that the devolved Governments had their own locally based test and Trace operations.

There is no mention that the devolved Governments had their own  Apps.

Reuters is an International News Agency so that report is likely to appear in many newspapers worldwide.

Look again at the figures:

CountryRateLand BorderConnections
N Ireland1 in 135no land border with the UKFerries to Scotland Wales England and England via IoM   [1]
Scotland1 in 155Scotland  96 miles (155 km)1 Motorway [2*], 2 rail crossings [3],  25 roads [4]
Wales1 in 165Wales 160 miles (260 km)3 Motorways [2], 7 rail crossings [5], unknown number of roads
England1 in 80

It looks like the closer and more numerous the connections, the higher the rate of infections.

How much better off would we be if Scotland was Independent and could control the border and close it when necessary?

 [1]   https://images.marinelink.com/images/maritime/UKferriesroutemap-22319.jpg

        All Ferries including to Europe

 [2]   https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/97/UK_motorways_map_2016.svg/1200px-UK_motorways_map_2016.svg.png

        *Note that the A74(M)  and the A1(M) are not full motorway so strictly speaking Scotland has NO Motorway Crossings

 [3]   https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cf/Scotland_rail_map.png

 [4]  No official source. My calculations is 25 which I have seen matched by others.

       Large stretches of the border are Kielder Forest Park and Northumberland National Park

 [5]   http://www.projectmapping.co.uk/Reviews/Resources/170228-tw-consultation-docu.jpg

       Transport for Wales map – Rail


7 thoughts on “Celtic countries do better

  1. The best and most effective propaganda is always subliminal,subtle and more importantly Not telling your people the actual facts but appearing to actually give the facts
    All this can be drawn from Dr.Goebells play
    Book and in particular when the real facts will
    Be turned very firmly against you and critically could lead to your demise and defeat
    So it becomes vital that you maintain as much
    As possible complete control over all sources

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  2. John
    Please take a wee look at The Guardian web site with regards a article on how England,s
    Excel spread sheet error led to 16000 deaths being removed from the Death toll
    But is now being attributed to increase needless cases and deaths as a result
    Which in main led to test and trace not being able to contact many of those assoc.with the removed deaths
    Wished i was more tech savvy and could attach a direct link for you
    How any in authority could fail to realise
    That they were using a outdated 2013 Excel spread sheet and further more also failed to comprehend the disastrous effects going forward without rectifying the contract trace
    Errors that have arisen
    This is gross mis conduct and incompetence under any definitions whatsoever
    One thing for sure you will not hear any of this from ABC & Other MSM

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  3. The Welsh FM is calling for a 4 Nations approach to continue after the Christmas Relaxation ends. Is he off his trolley. Putting politics ahead of Welsh folk?

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    1. Although he has shown remarkable independence from the UK Labour position, Mr Drakeford is a British Nationalist and does not support independence for Wales. However, he is for more powers for the Welsh Government and, is probably the nearest thing Labour actually has to a ‘federalist’ (Gordon Brown is a piss-artist). So, since the Christmas arrangements, for the first time, England actually worked genuinely with NI, Scotland and Wales, I think his call should be understood in the context that the ‘Celtic’ nations have been given parity of esteem in devolved matters, so, let us continue that.

      I disagree with him – I want Scotland to be independent. Westminster represents what is rightly called ‘Perfidious Albion’.

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  4. If you imagine you are alone in thinking the BBC/BBC Scotland give a poor service to Scotland, think again.
    The latest OFCOM Annual Report—–

    “The proportion of people in Scotland giving the BBC a positive rating for its range of content representing (41%) and portraying Scotland (38%) continues to be below the UK average”.

    OFCOM is also concerned the BBC lacks a serious methodology to identify audience satisfaction or what it proposes to do to improve audience perceptions.

    “We expect the BBC to set out in its strategy how it will measure and evaluate audience perceptions in future”.

    I expect Glen is on the case right now1

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