NHS Scotland accident and emergency services at least 15% better

Jeane Freeman: 'It's not Scotland's job to mitigate the worst excesses of  Westminster' | Benefits | The Guardian
Scottish Health Secretary: Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian

In October 2020 NHS Scotland’s A&E departments saw 89.2% of patients within 4 hours.

In the same period, NHS England only saw 77.6% in that time despite counting in a way which favours them.

NHS Scotland’s performance is thus 15% better, at least, becsause:

NHS England starts the clock again after patients are admitted while NHS Scotland counts from arrival in A&E, so the gap is probably even bigger.





6 thoughts on “NHS Scotland accident and emergency services at least 15% better

  1. Good news is bad news for BBC, STV, and the daily right wing rags on the shop shelves.
    Any percentage drop in admissions to A&E as is the case in England, would mean some people would die because they were not treated on time. What a disgrace, but it’s all about running down the NHS in England especially, so that it can be sold off for private profit. Thatcher started that, BBC radio 4, back in the day(!) did a report on how the process of privatisation of the NHS had been started and promises made to the profiteers in the US, via neo-cons in the UK, it’s just taking a bit longer than they had planned. Covid19 is a gift to the Tories and some red Tories, run down the NHS, make sure it’s hardly functional and Bob’s your uncle!


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