This cannot be good for his mental health

Psychologists call it ‘cognitive dissonance.’ Where you have to say or do things every day that you really don’t believe in, it can lead to depression and/or anxiety.

The Glasgow ‘anti-Psychiatrist‘, RD Laing thought that if the gap between your public self and your inner self got too big, it could trigger schizophrenia, as a coping mechanism.

Douglas Ross seems to be challenged in this way too often for my liking.

He votes against free school meals in Westminster then speaks out passionately in their favour in Scotland.

He hears what a Scottish fishing industry leader says about the Tories voting against the interests of his industry then tells the media that he had agreed with him that they had not, so far.

He hears what his leader, the PM, says about devolution being a disaster then desperately reinterprets it to mean something different.

He calls proposals to close the border with England ‘sad and reckless’ while approving the same thing in Australia.

Today he tries to be the champion of ‘fair funding’ for local authorities in Scotland despite having voted for a massive reduction in central government funding of local government in England:

There are probably more examples that I’ve missed.

It’s worrying.

6 thoughts on “This cannot be good for his mental health

  1. Fair funding for Scotland. The illegal Barnett Formula. Formulated to take £Billions out of Scotland to fund London S/E. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. The unionists parties at Westminster collude to deprive and impoverish Scotland. Mismanaging and wasting Scottish resources to try and keep in power in Westminster. To line their greedy pockets, They are a complete disgrace. Vote them out.

    Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. The Tory/unionist mess imploding. Costing Scotland £Billions of mismanagement and Westminster poor, bad policies. The Westminster fraud and scandal. Nepotism. Bullying incompetence. An absolute scandal.

    The Tory Brexit will take even more monies and power from Scotland. Ross is a complete and utter liar. The unionist councils in Scotland are a disgrace, wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow. Acting illegally. Excessive borrowing. Excessive council tax, ACC illegally run by a cabal. £1,2Billion in debt.

    They sold the City on the stock exchange, Built empty shops and offices. Cost £7Million year in debt repayment. Totally unnecessary. PA new Conference Centre totally over budget. Refused a gift of £80Million to regenerate the City centre by pedestrianisation. Instead built empty high rises. A complete and utter disgrace. The illegal administration kept in place by a two job Tory, an offender and a LibDem who became Independent to keep the regime in place.

    They line their pockets on taxpayers monies and are a complete disgrace. Cutting funding on essential services to ruin the city. Latest muck up at the beach, Ruining the leisure aspect. Wasting £1.7million mucking up the road system. Covid rules and regulations non enforced. Spreading the virus. The illegal council spreading the virus. People are dying because of it.

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  2. Of Course unionists of all parties have campaigned for monies to be transferred from Holyrood to councils. They control some councils whilst the SNP control Holyrood. The fact that Dross is pushing for this transfer is an admission that he doesn’t see Unionist control of Holyrood anytime soon.


  3. I took great care to listen to my recording 3 times
    Of The Coital Bovine Scatology that exited the mouth of Dross and here are my conclusions
    1.They now know ignominious defeat confronts them
    2.A new masterplan has now been formulated by their Buffoon Generals and backroom delusionists
    3.That masterplan is very light now in deployment of their favourite weapon
    Baddddddddďdďddd SNP
    And very heavily reliant upon die hard old, country living foot soldiers and armed only with guns in the form of a wooden stick (voting pencil )
    Any fool knows the upcoming election shall be won by the vast majority who abide in our cities and larger towns
    And his utterances yesterday offered these people absolutely 0
    All this clearly demonstrates just how bare their cupboard is bare now
    Do they really believe winning a isolated vote or two
    In rural areas and the Islands can avoid the disaster that shall befall them
    They have nothing now other than a few Bombastic insincere words in their armoury
    Awa wi them


    FROM ALL UNIONIST PARTIES (inc wullie rennie)

    They will come at us with loads of sh—


  5. It is very telling that DRoss has held on to his football income in the face of calls for him to resign . ( He is blatantly in breach of UEFA rules which prohibit political messaging being pushed in football stadia – which he does every time he appears as a Tory running the line – plus he is using his refereeing status in his political newsletters )

    He is probably expecting his sojourn as a Tory MP to be relatively short and so has to keep the income flowing from his Day job !

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    1. “He is probably expecting his sojourn as a Tory MP to be relatively short and so has to keep the income flowing from his Day job !”

      Maybe so James but one thing is certain, he will have paid employment as an MSP from next year. ALL he has to do is retain his leadership of the Scottish Tories: he will then be first on the Tory list and then is guaranteed a seat in Holyrood under our voting system and the size of the rump of Tory plus Red Tory, anti-independence voters.


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