BBC Scotland forgets again to tell you that covid hospital infections in England are between NINE and TWELVE times higher

Opening the above long report:

Concerns have been raised at a sharp rise in Covid infections likely to have been acquired in hospital. Public Health Scotland revealed there were 180 definite or probable “hospital onset” infections in the week ending 25 October, up from 98 the previous week. Opposition parties have called for increased testing of hospital staff.

Lets be clear, BBC Scotland health correspondent Lisa Summers follows PHS publications and found that there had been an increase in hospital acquired Covid infections. She then fed contacts in the opposition parties with the news.

She tweeted stupidly about it on the 18th:

Monica Lennon and the Greens* gave her a quote.

Leaving aside the question of how 189 becomes ‘nearly 200’, the report, though long, misses two key points:

There were 8 817 community onset infections and the hospital cases amount to only 2% of the total.

In NHS England, 17.6% of Covid cases were hospital-acquired infections and in the North West, 25%!


The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections

*Once more the Greens show a lack of awareness in asking for weekly as opposed to monthly publication of the figures. NHS England do not publish any on their own sites, at all. You have to go to a University of Oxford research group to find them.

5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland forgets again to tell you that covid hospital infections in England are between NINE and TWELVE times higher

  1. England’s rate is indeed much worse but 2% in hospital is nothing to be proud of. Most of us are not in hospital. Prevalence in scotland is currently estimated at roughly 0.6% so hospitals seem 3 times more dangerous than the community at large. The PHS stats also refer to patients deemed to have brought the virus in with them which could explain maybe in spite of the measures how other patients may have become infected while in hospital. Increased routine testing should help but the virus can be spread before it shows in a test.


  2. The numbers are so small in Scotland, as to be irrelevant. 5,4million pop. The NHS working hard to contain and prevent the epidemic. The infection rates in hospitals are less than elsewhere. A 15min contact can spread the virus. Winter always brings a higher rate of deaths on average. Following through with the statistics. Still regrettable.

    The Tories/ConDems cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. An average of £4Billion a year. The NHS needs £10Billion. The Tories have offered £4Billion. They are increasing Defence spending £6Billion+ a year. They would rather spend monies killing people than keeping them alive. Vote Tory to die younger. Prematurely.

    The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the Westminster NHS cuts to keep people alive. Especially in a pandemic. The reason and cause for a lower % death rate? Lennon tearfully commented on premature alcoholic death. Labour was the only Party not to support MUP. The SNP Gov had to fight for five years to get in through. To do the right thing.

    Unionist councils are not following the rules and guidelines. Giving licences to public premises for donations. Spreading the virus. Not enforcing the rules and guidelines.

    The Greens are just confused with statistics. Follow the unionist numbers instead of questioning them. Poor analyse to catch a headline or click bait. The usual Press dilemma. Not working anyway.

    People’s reality and experience is different. People being tested, isolating and following the rules in the community. Society coming together with the NHS to fight the pandemic. Misgoverned by Westminster totally unprepared. Scottish Gov already making plans for immunisation as soon as possible. Prevention is better than cure.

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    1. Gordon
      With regards your reference to Prevention is better than cure
      Never a truer word spoken
      And unbelievably in the form of a little wooden stick which i believe is referred to as a pencil.We do have a miraculous cure
      But it requires 2 vital caveats for this little stick to work
      1.mark a cross in a little box upon a ballot paper
      2.If 1 above placed upon one of the many boxes that are upon such paper then the result will not only be completely useless but a extreme risk of fatality
      So in synopsis we at all costs ensure we inform as many as possible exactly where to the x in correct box
      B.Under no circumstances whatsoever place your X in any box associated in any form with
      The title including any of the following words
      Fortunately nearly 60% of those who are allowed to use this magic wand are well aware of all I say
      Therefore we must work strenuously to persuade intelligently,calmly and sympatheticaly the remaining 40 % of their responsibilities whilst picking up their magic wand pencil and more importantly that marking the wrong box can lead to death of themselves , family, friends and fellow citizens.Along with the overall long term damage to their wealth.
      Fortunately we have a lot of very high profile
      Personel greatly assisting in ensuring a very high turnout for the pencil vaccination to be applied properly
      And to name a few of such recruits to this vital public education program and they are
      In fact and surprisingly people of their ilk appear to be completely unaware of their efforts every time they utter a word
      Indeed we are so lucky in having such a simple to use cheap inexpensive method to apply the cure
      My heart felt sympathies go out to England,Wales & N.I. although they have this magic wand pencil at there disposal it would appear for now and the foreseeable future
      Their exits serious problems in educating their citizens How to use such pencil to administer this cure and for them that is most unfortunate as they must if possible cure those who survive the resultant calamity of
      Using or failing to fully comprehend exactly how this magic pencil really works

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  3. In attempting to destroying trust in SG though disinformation the media and opposition politicians destroyed trust in themselves. The sting in the tail is the “Boy who cried wolf” scenario – Were a REAL scandal to arise at QEUH and Glenn (antisemitic hunter) Campbell to report on it, who would believe him ? That’s not good in a democracy.

    Scotland’s NHS put a lot of work into drastically reducing nosocomial infection earlier and achieved exemplary standards which are constantly probed for improvement, but it can not currently be eradicated.
    Compare with PHE if you wish but it really is apples and pears, as to Lisa Summers, it’s fruit salad as always from the BBCS menu.


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