…..by highly qualified and caring clinicians in their best interests!

The opposition parties will not let this lie. BBC Scotland headlines their ill-informed and dishonest cries.

Five research studies find no evidence that such discharges played any part in outbreaks in care homes but link them to large corporation-owned homes with maximum occupancy levels and bare staffing levels held up with over-use of agency staff travelling between sites.

Inspection reports on some homes describe under-staffing and inadequate infection control procedures.

Highly-qualified and dedicated clinicians decide that some patients, perhaps with dementia, would be traumatised by testing procedures, are being traumatised by being in the more formal clinical setting and trust the skilled staff in homes to be able to isolate the patients until they can be safely integrated more widely in the home.

Care homes have decades of experience of infection control for annual flu and Norovirus outbreaks. They should be capable.

They charge around £1 000 per week.

Alleged socialist politicians side with the corporations in a pathetic attempt to get at the SNP Government.


One thought on “…..by highly qualified and caring clinicians in their best interests!

  1. Tory donating pubs spread more of the virus. Than care homes. Residents in some cases are receiving too much protection from their relatives causing stress.

    There are moves to have a family member tested, frequently. So they can visit under isolation precautions. It is the elderly who are more likely to die, especially in the winter. Covid just makes it worse. Another factor for those with underlying problems. It is a silent killer. People who do not display any symptoms can have it and pass it on. Testing and contact is being carried out for those who have a need. Including staff in vulnerable situations. NHS, Care homes schools.


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