Experts discounted because Neil Findlay knows better?

In an appalling show of misinformation aimed at undermining the Scottish Government, Reporting Scotland recycle the urban myth that hospital discharges caused care home Covid outbreaks.

Nobody credible believes this and BBC Scotland knows that too.

Who are the ‘many people?’ Well, there’s Neil Findlay, Monica Lennon, David Cameron, Alex Cole-Hamilton. What qualifications do these people have? None.

The First Minister, the Health Secretary and Professor Bauld clarify that it only happens in exceptional circumstances. Highly-qualified and dedicated clinicians decide that some patients, perhaps with dementia, would be traumatised by testing procedures, are being traumatised by being in the more formal clinical setting and trust the skilled staff in homes to be able to isolate the patients until they can be safely integrated more widely in the home.

Five research studies find no evidence that such discharges played any part in outbreaks in care homes but link them to large corporation-owned homes with maximum occupancy levels and bare staffing levels held up with over-use of agency staff travelling between sites:

  1. The charitable MHA with a presence in Scotland did research into its own homes and discovered this: Large numbers of staff could have been unknowingly spreading coronavirus through care homes, according to the UK’s largest charitable care home provider. Data from MHA shows 42% of its staff members who recently tested positive were not displaying symptoms. Nearly 45% of residents who had a positive test were also asymptomatic. The MHA Chief Executive said: I think it’s very difficult not to see that the only real way that this can have come into our homes is through staff picking it up, just through the community contacts they would have had. I think that is what is so hard for all our staff, because they care. But if they don’t know they’ve contracted the virus, how can you manage this?
  2. We know from BBC Scotland’s own report that the Skye care home outbreak was associated with ‘a large dependency on agency staff‘:
  3. Former BBC Scotland Head of News, John Boothman, now at the Times, wrote: HC-One, Britain’s largest care home chain and the operator of Home Farm, faces allegations that it paid insufficient heed to the [Scottish] government’s lockdown by parachuting workers in from as far away as Kent, 645 miles away, to plug staff shortages in a sector where pay is notoriously poor.
  4. An ONS study of 9 081 care homes in England found this: These emerging findings reveal some common factors in care homes with higher levels of infections amongst residents.These include prevalence of infection in staff, some care home practices such as more frequent use of bank or agency nurses or carers, and some regional differences (such as higher infection levels within care homes in London and the West Midlands). There is some evidence that in care homes where staff receive sick pay, there are lower levels of infection in residents.
  5. Public Health Scotland report says that the discharges played no significant part in the outbreaks
  6. There’s a Welsh report saying the same thing but you’ve probably had enough.

8 thoughts on “Experts discounted because Neil Findlay knows better?

  1. In the BBC Scotland they showed a clip of the FM stating clearly that it was not the policy of the SG to release Covid positive patients into the care homes without testing. In Moica Lennon’s hands this became something else entirely. Yet Ms Freeman stated quite clearly that it was a clinical decision and one taken only in very exceptional circumstances and was a joint clinical and social care decision.

    Mention was made of the report that had shown that release of positive patients into homes did not play a significant part in outbreaks in homes to immediately throw doubt on the report by saying that many people criticised the report. No mention of who the critics were.

    Also noticed they cut short Ms Freeman’s reply .

    Typical BBC report – playing party political politics.

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    1. I think there are too many opposition – and always oppositional – politicians in Scotland who forget that in some, perhaps many, cases the individuals being discharged from hospitals to care homes are being discharged not simply to a ‘care home’ but to THEIR HOME – the place that they have come to know and want to be.

      In all the guidance I have read discharges are agreed with the care homes themselves. And those care homes that agree to an admission will be aware of and confident in their claimed core competence in infection protection and control.

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      1. Nail on the head there “…being discharged not simply to a ‘care home’ but to THEIR HOME – the place that they have come to know and want to be”

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  2. Pacific Quay and all those piling in on this contrivance are doubtless fully acquainted with what is being done and why, but elect to park that to one side in order to feign political outrage.
    No concerns as to the effects of this nonsense on already worried families and friends with folks in care-homes or treatment, no concerns for the morale of the thousands engaged in trying to their very best for their health and welfare who they sully with this nonsense.
    This is not “politics” but a shit throwing competition by those who should be nowhere near government, and not a moral compass between them.

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  3. Not just the BBC, STV were getting into the act by leading with this story yesterday as well just when I was waiting to hear the promising news that infection rates for the second day running were reducing to well below a thousand. Typically I guess that is why they chose these days to run with this headline just to deflect any good news. The way they manage to continually deflate any optimism is very depressing but merely motivates me and others to overcome their prejudices. They will not win as long ”as a hunderd of us stay alive’ to fight them.

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  4. And this guy pretends to care about the staff at Redmill care home, where the virus was brought in by a staff member a full 10 days before Findlay announced it to the bbc. A total death grabbing headline maker !


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