25% is Only ‘a slightly lower death rate, Sarah?’

The Covid-certificated death rate in England is currently 837 per 1 million population. In Scotland it is 627. A difference of 210 per million.

There are 5.4 million people in Scotland so that’s 1 134 of who might have been expected to die had they lived in England because, perhaps, the hospital-infection level is between 9 and 12 times higher?

That difference of 210 is 25%. Is that ‘only slightly lower?’ Tell that to the 1 134.

If you come at from the other direction and ask how much higher the rate is in England it’s, 33%!

There are 60 million souls in England so 12 600 might have survived had they lived in Scotland.

After the BBC UK presenter opens with that pretty dodgy arithmetic, perhaps fed it by her, BBC UK’s Foreign Correspondent in Scotland, Sarah Smith, at great personal risk did her own survey of opinion by interviewing a young Yes supporter with a saxophone and two wild swimmers who were still unsure if Scotland could afford to pay for things like the pandemic even though they had been impressed by the Scottish Government’s handling of it.

Why did they wonder that?

Because Smith, based on years of journalism and absolutely no ethical concerns for the truth, prompted them with a leading question:

Are you worried that Scotland couldn’t afford to be independent now?

So no analysis then Sarah. How did other small countries manage to pay for the costs of the pandemic? Ireland? Denmark? Iceland?

Might they, like the UK, have borrowed?

Is it a gift from the UK?

Might Scotland be paying for it later and with bells on?

7 thoughts on “25% is Only ‘a slightly lower death rate, Sarah?’

  1. Smith again, can’t hide her own personal opinions, openly displays total bias in her reporting, ie, story telling. Expert in twisting facts and lying to the people of Scotland, she should hang her head in shame. It’s truly sickening that her and her English run BBC actually prefer to report people dying of Covd19 in Scotland to suit their own agenda. Smith just cannot contain her hatred for the Scottish government. Very unprofessional indeed.
    It’s utterly dreadful for people in England to have such high numbers dying of Covid19. Thank goodness ScotGov does not have the same approach as the EngGov, it does not bear thinking about otherwise. The Brit state run BBC just can’t bring themselves to report the truth that Scotland is doing better, and Smith is politicising the pandemic in her bias, disgracefully using it to deny the fact that many people in Scotland now favour independence as a necessity. More BritNats’ gas lighting Scotland, thankfully we have the internet now to call these rogues out.


    1. The insidious thing we oft forget Hetty is that what Sara Smith and her ilk produced may have been dismissed as the usual crap from the Stockade on the Clyde for Scots, it was echoed to viewers in England but syndicated beyond as the view from Scotland a thousand times over.
      Yet this pivots to your ultimate point about internet access and how the “official” line is received.

      My curiosity was piqued by the sheer number of comments from Manchester northward, people into the millions were not only viewing the SG’s Covid briefings but promoting the advice therein. The clash with the “official” line from Sarah, Kirsty, DRoss and Jack portrayals of Scotland’s condition are obvious, the contradiction with the Johnson’s stance (leaning, in a fridge with a Bollinger) even more so, yet PQ and Tory HQ could not stop believing they controlled the narrative.

      The days of the “the news were you are” are gone and it scares the hell out of them. Good.


  2. A Blue Tory from a Red Tory family is a Tory squared.

    I would love to see a transcript of her job interview along with the job description, and the little asides made, after she was “hired”.


  3. No doubts whatsoever tactics have changed
    Across the board for ABC

    as time passes this will become more revealing ,but so far I detect
    1.Appearing to be softer on SNP and yes side
    But blow away the fog they blow around the
    Beehive they wish to disturb and the underlying motives are merely being hardened and honed
    2.On Question time last night I observed
    a.The tory was blatantly allowed to lie through his teeth,no challenge from F.Bruce
    I. Blackford attempted , got some in,but then completely cut due the Question regards Boris comment on devo disaster,as the audience Question was placed last in program and given so little time
    Never before have i witnessed such a important question given such short shift and time.No doubt deliberately so
    Tactics now under re formulation and suspect
    Change behind the scenes of the puppet masters
    However the most striking for me was that the Tory Panelist and the Right wing spectator were singing from exactly the same script of falsehoods
    Which in turn proves that the puppet master
    DOES NOT know exactly what he is upto
    And all because during election broadcasts
    What was said last night would have been given by regulation more than enough time/space to utterly refute their blatant lies with the Actual facts
    When T.May won her surprise call election against Corbyn by the skin of her teeth
    The establishment were shocked to the core
    And obviously forgot that their relentless methods to destroy Corbyn prior the surprise election would not be allowed during the campaign and Jeremy and his team finally allowed to state his piece under firm rules
    So be very aware from now on because our Foes are well aware of all this and how narrowly they won that election,They will take strenuous efforts to manufacture and control
    The narrative for the upcoming Holyrood election
    So far they have made a very very poor start
    By espousing and firing off with blatant lies
    Which shall easily be counteracted
    So for now they are firing Blanks and i think they fail to realise just how bare and depleted indeed their ammo.store is.
    Finally last night it was so obvious that The Labour panel member was at great pains and at all costs was avoiding like the plague
    To be seen aligning with the Tories regards Indy.So obviously Labour are looking for new tactics to avoid total oblivion up here
    We have a massive opportunity now to completely divide the Better Together crew now.The cracks exist and we must ruthlessly
    Drive and keep driving in the splitting wedges
    And well and truly leave the Tories standing by themselves for the upcoming battle



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  5. John asks: “How did other small countries manage to pay for the costs of the pandemic? Ireland? Denmark? Iceland? Might they, like the UK, have borrowed?”

    For clarity, strictly speaking the UK hasn’t borrowed any money: it got the Bank of England, which is effectively wholly-owned by the UK Treasury, to create the money which it “lent” it to the Treasury. The BoE has created an asset (the money) in its books and the Treasury has created a liability (an overdraft at the BoE) in its, so within the Whole of Government Accounts, which consolidates the accounting of UK Gov departments, these bookkeeping entries cancel each other, as they must since you can’t borrow money from yourself or owe it to yourself.

    The separation of BofE from the Treasury is to conform with an EU requirement for the Central Bank to be independently run, but in reality it’s a smoke and mirrors deception as the BofE is wholly beholden to the Treasury (per its charter). An independent Scotland with its own currency and central bank could do exactly what UKGov has done in order to finance the costs to our economy of Covid or any other economic requirement. It’s commonly called Quantitative Easing and you can see it explained here: https://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2020/11/06/quantitative-easing-explained/


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