Are teachers safer in S5/6 classes than outside?

Based on some ‘new figures’ where of course we don’t get to see the raw numbers, the Herald/EIS team is pushing hard on closing schools and closing down the SNP Government’s reputation for pandemic management while just ignoring yesterday’s report revealing that only 0.1% of pupils were infected, that 75% of schools had no infections and that teachers were no more at risk than any other workers.

After shocking us with the news that, as cases, were surging across the country, they were also up in Schools, they present their top piece of evidence:

The highest positive test rates are seen among S5/6 pupils where in October they reached 129 per 100 000.

Here’s some background.

There are less than 100 000, S5/6 pupils, spread across 357 schools in Scotland.

They’re often taught in much smaller classes than other levels so that spacing is feasible.

Senior pupils are expected to wear face masks in Leve 3 and 4 areas.

Finally, how does 129 per 100 000 compare with the rates faced by the communities outside of those classrooms?

Positive tests by local authority. Weekly rates per 100k.  Levels: Red (4), Purple (3), Blue (2), Pink (1), Green (0). Showing rates for 14 November. Colour coding based on levels announced on 17 November.

So, infection levels in a typical S5/6 class with 10 or so pupils, spaced out, wearing face masks and not shouting, we hope, like those in the garage or warehouse nearby, are much lower than those outside?

4 thoughts on “Are teachers safer in S5/6 classes than outside?

  1. The BritNats were all raging when schools were closed due to lockdown months ago.
    They accused the ScotGov of denying kids an education, now these BritNats are raging because schools are able to stay open. If the ScotGov and their health advisers thought that schools were
    causing infections to go up significantly, I am sure they would take the necessary steps.
    I did wonder if schools should stay open in areas with level 4 restrictions, but closing them impacts on many aspects of family life and work, and in some cases keeps vulnerable children safe.
    I trust the ScotGov to make the right decisions at the right time.
    The Herald would rather see disruption and chaos, and they are not going to allow facts and common sense to get in their way are they. Their goal is to demonise the FM and ScotGov as much as they can. Does anyone buy that disgraceful waste of paper anymore?

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  2. Alas, the “Harlots of Fleet Street” are now ensconced in Scotland.
    The Herod and Hootsmon are to journalism, what Penn and Teller are to nuclear physics.
    Only their tricks are less believable.


  3. BOTH bbc and herald will be lost after independence is achieved

    Their particular venom towards a scottish government is motivated
    By unionist support, twisting stories and facts to MISLEAD THE VERY


  4. But BBC Scotland reads out tweets from ‘a teacher who wishes to remain anonymous’ every morning telling us that every class in Fifth and Sixth Year has 30 pupils and that the classrooms are tiny and most of them refuse to wear masks. Teachers are ‘professionals’ so they don’t lie like SNP politicians do.

    (Since my keyboard does not allow me to enter emojis, I should make clear that I am being ironic.)


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