For frigate’s sake We don’t get fooled again

In the run-up the 2014 referendum, Clyde shipbuilders were promised 13 Type 26 frigates. Soon after the vote , it was 8, then in July 2017, it became 3.

Today, the PM promises 13 again and according to Reuters, claims that this will illuminate: the benefits of the union in the white light of the ark welder’s torch.

Should that be ‘arc’ or will these be for evacuating pairs of MPs when the Thames floods?

He can certainly talk the talk. Does anyone believe he will deliver on these 13?

Will the voters of Clydeside be fooled again?

13 thoughts on “For frigate’s sake We don’t get fooled again

  1. He could build 300 and it would still not be enough
    Putin announced on Monday that Russia and China have now effectively joined forces
    In all areas for the sole purpose if bringing to a End forever of American Hegemony in military and economic control of world markets
    And it is particularly in Naval matters that such policies have the most impact as Russia has the Submarine numbers and China the surface ship numbers to ensure America and its allies no longer rule the waves
    And China,s J21 5th generation fighter is now producing a variant,which answers the key puzzle Military strategists in the West pondered as to why the original J21 had a very heavy airframe in comparison to the US F35 stealth fighter
    Well sayy now have their answer because the new variant and all due to the heavy airframe
    Can now fly missions in excess of 700 miles
    With only a slightly reduced payload but with 4 no disposable fuel pods
    What does this mean for the US F 35 which with full fuel and weapon payload can only conduct combat missions up to 380 miles
    Any further require in flight Tanker refuel support
    So the Chinese strategy is ultra smart
    Keep US forces distant then attack the refueling tankers
    No need to shoot down F35,s
    Just shoot the tanker and keep the F35 at bay
    This is just a example whereby the US and its allies are being outsmarted in all areas
    Just one shipyard alone in China can built,launch & commission 8 ultra modern
    Destroyers or Frigates in less than 10 months
    Whilst the Ave time for just 1 such ship in the west takes more than 5 yrs
    Game over as they say

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  2. Johnson and the Brexiteers want to return England to it’s glories of the 17th Century.
    In order to steal other country’s resources (again) they will need a swashbuckling navy and to that end Johnson is proposing to spend £24 billion buckling their swash.
    Along with that they are going to have 17th Century levels of people dying on the streets from hunger and disease since there will be no money to support public services under austerity 2.0.
    Anyone who falls for their lies about the benefits to this for shipbuilding on the Clyde deserves everything (probably very little) that will come their way.
    It is too soon since the last lot of lies for most to believe their promises.

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    1. I have just checked Naval News
      And no new orders have been placed or to be placed soon
      Here are the facts.
      8 No. Type 26 frigates confirmed
      5 No.Type 31 destroyers confirmed
      All that is new are a commitment to next generation Type 32 frigate
      To date no design or design brief issued
      And this would be reqd.anyway as the Type 26 frigates become outdated and not fit for purpose
      Typical Westminster spin

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    1. Pentlander
      The aircraft for the 2 RN carriers are the American F35
      Which come in at £ 187 M.each
      Seriously over budget and program
      And hideously expensive and manpower exhaustive to turn around after each mission
      Not only that but China has re configured ICBM missiles to carry 9.8 T of TNT instead of a nuclear warhead, along with pin point accuracy and a impact speed of 4903 MPH target impact speed
      For which The RN has no defence against for the 2 new carriers
      The MOD were well aware of such before the .construction began of the carriers
      China quickly realised it is not about building carriers but one of sinking them
      As upon considering that during WW2 the Japanese had in total 29 carriers but ended up with only 1
      I can assure i could go on all night that both Russia and China have used the Credit crunch/Banking crash & austerity in Western capitalism to completely rethink global military geo political strategy in all areas
      The result of which and without doubt has lead to Neo Liberal Geo Political Capitalism
      Shall never again reign supreme
      China and Russia have closely allied themselves with Pakistan all in order to force India to guard its back as it allies itself with The US against China and Russia
      The West well and truly has been completely out manouvered the West on this chess board and completely lacks the resources, monies or procurement and manufacturing systems to
      Catch up especially given the economic effects of Covid 19
      So they now confront Check Mate
      And the only way to avoid such is to launch all out war now.And one that their is no guarantee of success,unless nuclear weapons are deployed
      The World militarily is entering a very very dangerous phase now,particularly so as The US.has just woken up to the position it now finds itself in and either they take action now and a very high risk one soon or that in 5 yrs from now it will be impossible to mount any action which ends Chinese and Russian undoubted superiority


  3. Bojo says the Empire is coming back and England will rule the waves.
    The men in white coats are getting ready to take him away Dross is taking over we are all saved. HELP

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  4. Empire2, I think it was dubbed. Broonie commissioned two aircraft carriers, with no planes, no guard ships and no purpose.
    Boris us to spend a fortune for no genuine strategic reason. We have no assets abroad. The Germans/French/Italians etc don’t need warships to protect trade. This would appear to be for confronting China—probably for Uncle Sam. The Chinese have advanced hypersonic missiles, against which our navy cannot protect itself.
    This is Helmand at sea. A disaster waiting.

    Oli Mundell has quit. How can we tell?

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    1. “We have no assets abroad.”

      Not sure this is the whole story: there are certainly many UK ‘military assets’ abroad. See

      Notable among them are recipients of recent major investment:

      HMS Jufair: a large Naval Support Facility officially opened in 2018, at the Bahraini port of Mina Salman. The base can support vessels up to the size of aircraft carriers. Bahrain is also home to the UK Maritime Component Command, which supports Royal Navy mine countermeasures vessels deployed in the Middle East.

      UK Joint Logistics Support Base, Oman: a new military logistics centre and training facility under in Duqm with a dry dock able to accommodate submarines and Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers. Additionally, a permanent British Army presence is maintained at the Omani-British Joint Training Area which opened in 2019.

      And there seems to be an ambition to build more ‘military assets’ abroad. From the UK Defence Journal in March 2019: “According to the Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, the Caribbean and South East Asia are regions that might soon receive new permanent British military bases. Guyana and Montserrat in the Caribbean, Singapore and Brunei in South East Asia are reported to be the possible locations.”

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      1. And Russia has Air Bases now in Iran and Syria and has just secured a deal for a naval base in Eastern Sudan
        So the Whole of the Middle East is no longer controlled by the USA
        Trump has been catastrophic for American foreign policy


  5. John Beatit interviewed a defence “expert ” JB asked a few times “is this what the future of war is going to look like” Any decent person should have been asking how do we avoid war,

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  6. No doubt the Labour stalwarts in the shipbuilding unions will be wetting themselves at the prospect of ”securing” thousands of jobs on the Clyde . Just like in 2014 .
    How well that turned out , eh !
    But that won’t impinge on their blinkered and naive vision of believing everything that Westminster liars tell them .


    1. I wait to hear Gary Smith of the GMB being interviewed on BBC Scotland telling us how this shows the benefit of the ‘deep pockets of the union’. “This will guarantee jobs for our MEN (sotto voce – the women members are not ‘qualified to receive similar pay, because they did not respond correctly to the handshake when they turned up for interview.”)


  7. It’s always nice to know Scotland is an ‘equal partner’ of UKOK and equally vulnerable, in fact more vulnerable given Trident and the WMD’s stored underneath out mountains.
    Post Brexit any UK joint cash (Scotland is billed for it all percentage wise more than England is it not?) being invested in defense will definitely NOT be spent in Scotland.
    OK they have been through education, health, and now weapons stuff what next.


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