Here we go again, indeed

From Smith, in the Herald today:

Here we go again. From 6pm on Friday in large parts of Scotland, non-essential shops – or should I say “so-called non-essential shops” – will be forced to shut and stay shut for three weeks. It means thousands of retailers will be closed at a time when they usually make most of their money. Some of them will not reopen, that’s the bottom line. It’s a disaster: cultural, economic and personal. I’m talking here about businesses like Viola Vintage, a beautiful antique and curio shop on Paisley Road West in Glasgow. The shop specialises in vintage objects as well as gifts such as candles, frames and the like, and it’s one of the many small firms that have been moving into the area. I spoke to Susan, the owner, not long after the lockdown was announced, and her reaction was simple. She’s gutted, but she also believes the restrictions are unfair. For years now, there’s been a David and Goliath struggle on the high street, and for some reason the Scottish Government has backed Goliath.

Is your jaw dropping? Antiques and curios? Really?

What’s this got to do with David and Goliath?

I suppose a sling might be essential in some circumstances.

I’m probably wasting your time and mine here, but aren’t the big supermarkets staying open because we really need some of the stuff they sell and because they can ensure social distancing?

Just how wide are the corridors in Viola Vintage? Do they sell snacks as a side?

Why did I start this?

Why is Mark Smith trying to undermine health policy aimed at saving lives of the very people typically found in antique shops?

Why does he like antique shops?

Does he have a sister called Viola?

Why is Mark Smith?

11 thoughts on “Here we go again, indeed

  1. Jasonn Leitch at one of the lunchtime presentations said that every sector he had spoken too claimed that they were not responsible for the increase in infections and yet the infections were increasing.
    Perhaps the FM has a grudge against the antiques business,due to some of the unionist politicians she has to deal with.

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  2. From its website and Facebook page, at least Viola Vintage has an online business too. From its Facebook page just c.4 hrs ago we learn:

    “I also have these items. Gorgeous red door bows £21.99 and these fun reindeer face masks £3.99. Let me know if you want to reserve anything and as always you can shop at # shoplocal”

    I wish the shop owner well as they will undoubtedly be suffering the same or similar business challenges now commonplace throughout the developed world.

    But … reindeer face masks on sale from ‘David’ or the family groceries on sale from ‘Goliath’ – that’s a tough choice to make. And we’re told that “for SOME reason the Scottish Government has backed Goliath”! Can’t imagine what that reason might be! Maybe the families living near Paisley Road West in Glasgow could sit the journalist down and explain.

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      1. John
        You are perplexed as where to fix the Red Bow
        Fret not because the ideal anchor location
        Is around her neck and as tightly as possible
        Released only when the pips squeak


  3. Despite the hysterical ‘hammer blow for business’ being punted by the media over 70% of Scots AGREE with the lockdown!

    The answer to the genuine concerns of businesses is in the hands of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. He extended the furlough and, in my view must respond similarly to self-employed and small businesses.

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  4. This is the same Mark Smith who questioned why Scots had to wear masks—funny he thought diffently when England followed suit.
    Like many in the “Scottish” media he bad-mouths every move the Scottish government makes—but gets a big riddy with every poll supporting them “doing the right thing”.
    “Glen” is on the box right now–another glundy who tries to make waves.

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  5. The answer lies with the Tory Chancellor – he could extend the furlough scheme to small businesses rather than supporting crony deals with his financier chums’ private businesses.

    During the 2008 crash the ‘socialists -for-the-rich’ Brown and Darling shovelled shedloads of public cash to save the bonuses of the very executives responsible for causing the crash.


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