The data clearly show we were betrayed twice but the Herald fails to see that

It’s another biggie from McArdle, where she asks:

Coronavirus Scotland: How did we end up back in lockdown? Just follow the numbers

Leaving aside the inaccuracy of the suggestion that we are back in lockdown when not all parts are in Level 4 and schools are still confidently open based on evidence, it’s full of stuff but it’s still wrong.

Just as in the first wave, the devolved powers were not sufficient and that’s why we are where we are, with infection levels high but only half that of England and with a reasonable shot at pushing them down hard enough for some kind of Christmas.

In the first wave, as I’ve bored everyone with over and over again, wrong advice from SAGE, the 4 Nations approach and the delay in lockdown caused the first wave. The SG learned from that and suppressed the virus far below the level in England.

While the SG did make one mistake in the emergence of the second wave, giving in to hysterical pleas from greedy University managers to let them fill their accommodation with physical return, all other factors were beyond their control. They made no blunders or missteps.

First, before the return of students, another wave of tourists had returned from overseas and clearly enough of them had failed to quarantine themselves. 80% of the virus strains in the UK derive from Spain. That’s by far the biggest factor.

Could the SG have done anything about that? Police visits to everyone of the thousands returning?

Why didn’t they quarantine? Immaturity? Selfishness? Stupidity? Listening to the UK media full of contradictory messages and hypocritical behaviour by powerful folk thinking they are above the law?

Second, as McArdle only mentions in passing, the UK Government’s ‘Eat out to help out‘ scheme was attributed with responsibility, by a Warwick University study, for 17% of the new clusters detected in August and September.

Should Nicola have banned that scheme in Scotland. Imagine McArdle’s own headline is she had.

McArdle then goes on to raise a favourite of the Scottish Tories and the Sun’s Chris Musson:

Something else was happening in September though: contact tracing was too slow.

This like the school openings theory, as McArdle notes, is another ‘red herring.’

There is no evidence that the Scottish Test and Support system in any way failed or fed the second wave. Indeed the ‘too slow’ accusation both ignores the SAGE and WHO standards which were met throughout. and the fact that around 95% of contacts were made, far beyond the 80% minimum for effectiveness and far beyond that achieved in England.

It’s not good enough to just chuck in everything you can think of to make a coherent argument – C.

10 thoughts on “The data clearly show we were betrayed twice but the Herald fails to see that

  1. The ‘Eat out’, was not implemented in some parts. Lockdown to stop infection. Some people and businesses did not obey the rules. Illegal unionist councils non enforcement for donations. Bribes to flaunt the rules and guidelines to increase infection.

    The Westminster Gov was not prepared despite frequent warnings of a possible pandemic coming. They withdrew funding for planning shut it down. To concentrate on the badness of Brexit. People have died prematurely because of Westminster inaction and duplicity. Absolutely tragic.

    Students were studying on line. They still are where possible. Less contact and more social distancing.

    Journalists and statistics. They cannot even analyse them properly. Simple equations. Total obvious blunders.

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  2. Hi John,Have you seen this,the claymores will be out.
    Also this one.

    Aberdeen Harbour Board (AHB) has welcomed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s pledge to make the UK “the Saudi Arabia of wind power.

    I remember when A Salmond said Scotland would become the same he was derided by these same Unionists like bojo and Ross

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      1. Same, it would be much easier to know we are all as one country and landmass, all in it togetha…equals, that’s what Johnson wants, he doesn’t really want to ‘exterminate’ the Scots, does he?


      1. Breaking News BBC Radio Broadcast at Scotland. about 4.30 no not Jeanne Freemam announcing The Covid Vaccination Programme, . . . Lisa Summers said she was reporting with a SMILE on her face.

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    1. Poor Inverness! Have the people there been consulted? Is Johnson going to take his sword he seems quite threatened by the natives in Scotland, so much so he wants to ‘exterminate’ them….so why Inverness? It’s a great city, but not sure he and his Tory cabal will be very welcome nevermind during a pandemic! Where will they stay? Will they quarentine? How many will they consist of? How long will they hang around? Better get their thermals out eh, and brolleys! It might get VERY chilly indeedy.
      Anyone else get the feeling the moneyed off the backs of the people Brits are about to invade Scotland all over again? I know they never went away unfortunately.


  3. So Jeanne Freeman smiled when talking about a vaccine. How terrible.
    Slightly different to the BritNats and their journo’s who ‘smile’ when the number of infections and deaths is reported in Scotland, they can hardly withhold their delight.


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